Mar 31, 2015

EXO wrecks bias lists with "Call Me Baby" M/V

I don't think I've been this excited about an Exo single since "Growl".

Exo released their second full-length album Exodus yesterday and the music video for lead single "Call Me Baby" came out today. And, man, do they slay the song. The vocals are awesome, the choreography is intense, and the music videos are on point. I'm gonna need SM to release a dance practice video. And soon.

I'm happy that there seems to be a more even distribution of lines and airtime in "Call Me Baby". We hear more from Lay and Xiumin in this new track - with vocals that are so on point that it's killing me. We also see a marked improvement in their dancing (coughCHENcough). Everyone, I feel, was given time to shine in the music video but I couldn't help but be distracted by Xiumin's energy, Lay's high notes, Chanyeol's hair, and Jongin's hips that have no chill. That's my bias list, I think. Heh.

My only real complaint is that it had nothing to do with the teasers (aside from the cities used in the teasers spelling out "Call Me Baby"). But here's to hoping they put out a video for "Exodus" where all our teaser-related questions are answered.

Can't wait for them to start promoting on music shows!

Kai and Xiumin killing this move


  1. It's Baekhyun that grabs my attention. He's just so damn good looking with eyeliner. Like, wow. His bestie Chanyeol needs to hurry up and colour his hair back to black or red though cos I don't love what it is right now!

    1. I actually really like Chanyeol's hair right now. Hahaha. I'm actually really liking all their hair right now, to be fair. Including greasy Jongin and ponytail Xiumin. Heh.

    2. Not his ponytail, never his ponytail! Ha ha

    3. HAHAHA. Sorry, I find it cute. ^^

  2. Chanyeol in sunglasses + that hair color is ♥!