May 22, 2014

Current Addiction: Roommate

When SBS first announced the concept of Roommate, I was like, "hmmm… sounds interesting." But now that we're three episodes in, I'm all like, "OH MY GOD THIS IS THE MOST PERFECT SHOW EVER."

I was totally not expecting this.

The producers definitely knew what they were doing when they started casting this show. Even the way they we're divided into the 5 bedrooms is perfection. Every single member feels like a perfect fit. They're all vastly different, to be sure, but I can definitely see them evolving into a real family with the way they're creating relationships with each other.

The refreshing thing about Roommate is how, as opposed to the Western idea of Big Brother or MTV's The Real World where strangers are put in the same house and the audience brace themselves for conflict to arise, the roommates on this show are respectful and all make a conscious effort to get to know their housemates. We see friendships being made and it feels genuine. I love that.

Sure, not everything is unscripted. I do expect there to be PD interventions and scriptwriters telling them how the day should pan out. But the the interactions feel sincere and the bonding moments seem candid enough.

I first decided to watch the show because of 2NE1's Park Bom. As a 2NE1 fan, I'm just excited whenever the girls appear on variety shows, because it's not a common occurrence. Also, I've always thought actor Park Min-woo (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, I Need A Fairy) was adorable. Aside from those 2, I didn't really know much about the other cast members. I like EXO well enough, but in a group of 12 members Chanyeol always flew under my radar. I've only ever seen Lee Dong-wook in one drama (My Girl) so I really couldn't call myself a fan, no matter how pretty he is. And the other 7 housemates, I just wasn't very familiar with.

So I downloaded the first episode and tuned in with mild interest but then ended up, two hours later, turning my laptop off with wide-eyed wonder. How can we find so much entertainment in something so mundane? Like, literally nothing happens. But I'm glued to my screen with a huge dorky smile on my face. And as soon as an episode ends, I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the next one. It doesn't matter that every episode is 2-hours long. It doesn't feel like it.

Ugh. This show is owning me right now. I've since decided that Chanyeol is an adorable puppy and he has now completely annihilated my EXO bias list. Shin Sung-woo is also super awesome and I love how this long-haired rock god has turned into a doting mother hen who clucks after his kids if they've eaten or not. I love how Lee So-ra is turning out to be this amazingly independent woman who is learning to adapt to living with so many people and (if previews are accurate) is turning out to be the stronghold of the women in the house. I love how Lee Dong-wook, despite his pretty actor status, is a major dork underneath it all and is just as befuddled by life as most of us are. I love how refreshing Hong Soo-hyun is - and let's be honest, we would totally be all over those flower boys as well, were we in her shoes. Jo Se-ho, I feel, is the glue that holds everyone together and he is just a natural ice breaker. Bom is hilarious and adorable and the sweetest little thing ever. I do ship her with Dong-wook, like hard. Nana is funny and gorgeous and I can't wait for the friendship she is slowly building with Soo-hyun and the other girls. Seo Kang-joon and Park Min-woo are too gorgeous for words but are just as dorky as anyone else, and their bromance is golden. Maknae Song Ga-yeon is scary-strong but really gorgeous when dolled up. I love them all.

I think I need to re-watch episode 3 while waiting for episode 4. I think the Bodong (Bom / Dong-wook ship name) moments will be enough to tide me over until next week. If not that, then Chanyeol singing "Love is an Open Door" should do the trick.

P.S. The house is also a major part of why this show is awesome. If I could illegally download a house, I'd think I'd download this one.

Roommate is a part of SBS's Good Sunday lineup and airs right before Running Man.


  1. Chanyeol is the reason I started watching it, lol. He's my favourite from EXO, so I'm very happy to hear that you've discovered his awesomeness, ha ha.

    Seo Kang Joon - "What do you like?" "Sunsets". And then totally gives a genuine answer as to why he likes sunsets! I swear I had no idea if he was serious or not in that scene, and Min Woo was just as confused. Kang Joon does amuse me though, how he's trying to form a bromance with Min Woo. He knows that girls love that kind of stuff, ha ha. But if they keep up with the Soo Hyun/Kang Joon storyline, that's going to be hilarious.

    I like Ga Yeon because it's so random for a martial arts girl to be in a variety show like this. Like, who in her life thought this was a necessary thing to do? She's a martial artist, she doesn't need to become a celebrity. Although, I guess it will open up opportunities for endorsements and commercials.

    Yep, I love the show.

    1. Kang-joon confuses me. I'm not sure if he's the pabo the editing of the show depicts him to be, or one major troll. Either way, he's super endearing and the pretty does help.

      I thought it weird, too, to have a fighter among the cast. But I do understand Ga-yeon's appeal and I think it smart to have her in the house. She's kind of an oxymoron (gorgeous young female fighter) and that in itself is intriguing. Also, to have her as the maknae is precious. Normally, it would be too easy to boss around a female maknae, but with Ga-yeon... well, you know she's not going to let that happen. She's really not afraid to kick a guy's ass and that's awesome. Haha.

      And Chanyeol. My dear puppy, Chanyeol. Good lord is he precious. <3

    2. I get the feeling that Seo Kang Joon is setting up his own image. Like, people are going to love you if you're the young good looking dork, so I wouldn't be surprised if he was playing that up. How weird is it that he lives with 4 other guys in a one bedroom apartment? Like, for idols that's normal but they're all actors so I don't get why he put himself in that situation. You can be an actor without being in a 5 member "actor group", dude.

    3. Oh, I felt so bad for him when I saw that. At least most idols - those from decent agencies anyway - get actual beds, or bunk beds, or, if nothing else, mattresses. To sleep on the floor with so little bedding and so little space... I don't get the concept of 5urprise at all. :(

  2. Apparently they're coming out with an album, which should be interesting. I'm hoping that means they'll have their own reality show cuz I'm kinda curious about them now. Like, if they're an actor group, how many of them can actually sing? Lol