Nov 13, 2013

Hallyu stars send prayers to victims of Typhoon Haiyan

I've been gone for over a week but worry not, I'm safe and sound. Manila wasn't directly affected by the super typhoon that hit central Philippines late last week and I was actually in Vietnam when all this started to happen. By the time I got back, the typhoon was already making its way over to Vietnam. Imagine how lucky we were.

However, not so many people were as lucky. The devastation caused by the typhoon is immense and thousands of people have been affected. And here I thought the food poisoning that caused me and my sisters to worship the ceramic god was bad. Nothing is as bad as what's currently happening in Tacloban, Leyte, and other provinces affected by Haiyan. The fact that CNN's very own Anderson Cooper is in town to report on the disaster, well, that says something.

As this is not my personal blog, but a Hallyu-related blog, I'll keep things on the lighter side and share with you all the positive words and prayers my country has received from some of our favorite Korean stars. 

2NE1's Sandara Park, who grew up in the Philippines, took to Twitter to send out her thoughts on the typhoon. She also wished her Filipino followers well in Tagalog.

Jay Park

Flowsik of hip-hop/R&B group Aziatix

2PM's Nichkhun was actually in Manila during the typhoon for a fanmeeting, and he shared how he already was planning on visiting the Philippines after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake had hit the country awhile back. "A part of me was already here in the Philippines so when I heard about the earthquake, it really shook me," he said. 

Regarding Typhoon Haiyan, the Thai k-pop star shared, “It’s really heartbreaking to be a victim of something like this. I hope all the people in the Philippines are safe and those of you who are the victims, I hope you guys stay strong and keep your hopes up and never give up. I’m sure that when everything clears up, everything will go back to normal, for better.”

Kevin Woo of U-KISS

Model/actor Ricky Kim

Actor Lee Min-ho took to his official Facebook page, and cross-posted to his Twitter, his well-wishes for the Filipino people.

Their support and prayers mean a lot to us - especially since they're bringing attention to what is currently going on here. For more information on the typhoon and on how you can help, click here.


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