Oct 2, 2013

Joo Won to leave 1N2D, will not be replaced

News broke yesterday that actor Joo Won will be leaving KBS variety show 1 Night 2 Days after almost a year and 8 months as a regular cast member.

His agency confirmed that due to his busy schedule the actor will have to give up the variety show. In turn, Joo Won will be focusing on rehearsals for the upcoming musical Ghost and will push through with overseas activities that have been put on hold due to his packed schedule.

I wonder why now, when his schedule has always been insanely full since he first started on 1N2D. To date, and since becoming a regular on the show, Joo Won has been the lead in Gaksital, Level 7 Civil Servant, and Good Doctor

Honestly, I haven't been watching the show as religiously as I used to. And with Joo Won leaving, that might just leave me with even lesser reasons to keep watching. Still, as a once adoring fan, I hope the show finds better footing soon. While people at KBS have been repeatedly denying the show's cancellation, it's really not an impossible thing to happen given its ratings.

The producers over at KBS have also stated that Joo Won will not be replaced for now and the show will continue with the remaining 6 members. Makes me wonder how the boys will continue without their puppy... Also, this means Kim Jongmin is their new maknae. HA.

Personally, I think Joo Won needs to be replaced. By whom? That is the question and the ongoing debate amongst my friends. The show needs someone with the same strengths as Joo Won - aegyorific, strong, fast, preferably with puppy dog qualities - and should be someone who's got a long way to go before the army comes calling. Off the top my head, I say Lee Ki-kwang (of idol group Beast) or Kim Woo-bin (School 2013). But that's just me. 

If it were really up to me, I'd say bring back Lee Seung-gi, even though he only has a few more years before army enlistment beckons. And while we're at it, I'd bring back Eun Ji-won, too.

Who do you think would make a good addition to the 1N2D cast?


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