Oct 22, 2013

Super Show 5 might be within my reach

I've been self-pitying over the fact that a number of my favorite k-pop artists will be visiting the country and I'm going to be too poor to see them. Aside from the fact that I have bills to pay, I'm also saving up for my upcoming trip to Vietnam, and there are those Wicked musical tickets I've also been coveting. Concert tickets just isn't in the budget. So I had put on a brave front and said goodbye to the prospect of watching Super Junior's Super Show 5, Infinite's One Great Step, and 2PM Nichkhun's /Bench fanmeet - all of which are to take place one after the other on a weekly basis, from end of October to the second week of November.

They were right when they said be careful what you wish for. K-pop fans have begged concert promoters time and again to bring their favorite acts to the country, but the promoters have always said to sit back and relax and to wait for them one at a time. Bringing the acts to this part of Asia is not the hard part, the problem is in assuring the idols' agencies that the concert tickets will sell. Everyone wants to see their oppas, but not everyone can afford to, especially when they come in droves. And isn't that just too true?

Last week, I even thought to ask a friend, who previously got me into Lee Min-ho's concert, about the possibility of getting into Super Junior's concert later this week. This was going to be my last ditch effort to try and get my hands on some tickets. But I felt awkward having to ask her and so I stood my ground and resolved not to ask for something that clearly wasn't meant to be.

Over the weekend, news broke out that Heechul (one of my favorite Super Junior members who was recently discharged from the army) had rejoined the guys for the SM Town concert in Beijing, and that he's also set to join the group for Super Show 5 this week. Again, self-pity knows no bounds and I was sad for all of 5 minutes before pulling myself back together because, seriously, there wasn't anything I could do about it. So there I was, all ready to miss out on the biggest events of the year only to be reminded that the world is, indeed, a beautiful place.

Today, as is my daily morning routine, as soon as I woke up at the crack of dawn, I reached for my phone and checked Twitter. I had a direct message from last night from aforementioned friend and she had two succinct sentences for me: SuJu, this Thursday, 7pm MOA. Game ka

I replied and asked her if she was serious. It was 5 in the morning and I was freaking out. Though it was still dark, I couldn't go back to sleep over the sheer giddiness of possibly getting to watch Super Junior for free. It's 10 am now and I still haven't heard back from her so I don't know how legit this is. But oh. my. god.

I'll let you know how it goes in a later blog post. For now, let me bask in my Super Junior playlist.


  1. I hope it's real! A SuJu concert would be beyond awesome, I'm totally jealous!

    1. She replied and said she might have tickets but they're still working on allocations so she'll have to get back to me. The wait is killing me. Ack!