Jul 4, 2014

In defense of Park Bom

First of all, prior to watching Roommate, I was never Park Bom's biggest fan. But getting to peep into her "life" on the show and how she interacts with her housemates, I came to appreciate her and I have been slowly changing my mind about her. So now that shit is hitting the fan from all directions, I just felt the need to voice out what I think about all this crap.

To those who are unfamiliar, there have been "breaking news" surrounding Bom during the past week that have been very hurtful, to both 2NE1 fans and Park Bom herself. It started with the resurfacing of a 4-year-old dismissed case about her alleged attempt to smuggle drugs into Korea. Which was already cleared by YG CEO Yang Hyun-suk himself in this statement.

However, respite was short lived because now the Korean media are questioning Bom's real age. And it is at this point that I roll my eyes and groan because they clearly have nothing else to talk about (because someone's probably shutting them up about the Sewol tragedy and the donation money the government supposedly used to build a badminton court instead) and are pulling all these "news" out of their asses.

It's stupid. All these news about Bom and none of them are really worth our time. If this results in Bom leaving Roommate, I’m gonna be so pissed. Also, Bom is the sweetest little thing (as far as I can tell) and does not deserve so much unwarranted hate. No one does.

Also, in what US school are sophomore high school students 17 years old? NO. Here they go mucking up ages because of the confusing East Asian Age Reckoning thing. They’re claiming that Bom was 17 in 1998 because she was already a sophomore. Well, I am one month older than Bom (here I go revealing how old I am) and I was definitely a sophomore high school student in 1998. AND I WAS 14 YEARS OLD. I was 17 years old during my freshman year of university.

And please. Even if she were actually 2 years older than declared, WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MATTER?! Does it change anything? Does it affect her career as a singer? All it changes is the fact that more people need to be calling her noona or unnie and need to be giving her the respect she deserves.


  1. If she was 17, I would've thought she would be a Senior. So that would match with how old she is now. I haven't read any of the comments on that though so I didn't even know that was a thing people were questioning. You gotta feel sorry for her, with a 4 year old case suddenly popping up. The media keeps these little things to themselves so they can throw it at us when they need a new big story, it's pathetic.

    1. I feel really bad for her. And she just announced that she isn't going to be attending Roommate filming this week. Damnit. :(