Dec 9, 2013

30 K-Pop Questions Challenge

Because I'm bored but too lazy to write out my K-Pop Year End Awards right now, here's a quick survey I found floating around tumblr. I promise to get back to the Year End Awards before the week is over.

Without further ado, here we go.

1. "Breathe" by Miss A OR "Breathe" by G-Dragon?

Aigoo. Being a major VIP, I'm loath to say Miss A, but it's true. This song is awesome.

2. "Without You" by U-KISS OR "Without U" by 2PM?

Since I don't even know the one by U-KISS, I'mma have to go with the 2PM song.

3. "Lies" by BIG BANG OR "Lies" by T-Ara?

Big Bang. Duh.


Noooooo. I can't choose. I... will have to do this diplomatically and check to see which group I actually listen to more.

And the answer is... Beast. You can all safely assume it's all due to "Fiction" and it's true. That song is killer.


SHINee. Hands down.


Again, I will have to confer with - and, Kara it is.

7. SNSD OR After School?


8. KARA OR T-Ara?


9. 4Minute OR 2NE1?


10. BoA OR Lee Hyori?

Hmmm... God, I love Hyori but I'mma have to go with BoA on this one.

11. Jay Park OR Taeyang?


12. Se7en OR Rain?

Rain. Go Rain. It's Rain. It's raining.

13. Son Dambi OR Lee Hyori?

Lee Hyori.

14. Outsider OR E.Via?

I'm sorry... Who?

15. Miss A OR SISTAR?

Miss A.

16. INFINITE OR Teen Top?


17. Jia from Miss A OR Victoria from F(x)?

Jia. Girl can sing, rap, and dance.

18. Junsu from TVXQ OR Junsu from 2PM?

Xia Junsu, for sure.

19. HyunA from 4Minute OR CL from 2NE1?


20. Taecyeon from 2PM OR TOP from BIG BANG?

My man, TOP.

21. Goo Hara from KARA OR Yoona from SNSD?

Eh... Slim pickings, eh? Let's go with Yoona.

22. Daesung from BIG BANG OR Onew from SHINee?

YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME. Onew is my SHINee bias. Daesung isn't my Big Bang bias but he's up there. Good grief. Can I have them both? I want them both.

23. Bom from 2NE1 OR Taeyeon from SNSD?

Eh... Bom then.

24. Changmin from 2AM OR Changmin from TVXQ?

Max Changmin.

25. Taemin from SHINee OR Dongho from U-KISS?

Taemin! He's my baby.

26. Hyoyeon from SNSD OR Minzy from 2NE1?

Uh... Minzy's the better singer. But Hyoyeon's the better dancer. Uh oh. I'll have to go with Hyo, I think.

27. Hongki from FT Island OR Yonghwa from CNBlue?

Noooooooooo. I can't. I absolutely love Hongki and Yonghwa, both. I choose not to choose. Sorry.

28. Kikwang from BEAST OR Taeyang from BIG BANG?

Uhhh... If you'd asked me this 3 years ago, I would've said Taeyang. Better hair, better fashion, better vocal quality. But I'm not quite sure anymore. Taeyang needs a timeout.

While I can't outright choose Taeyang, I don't think I can choose Kikwang either. Hmmm...

29. Nana from After School OR Tiffany from SNSD?

Only because I know next to nothing when it comes to After School, save for UEE, I'll have to pick Tiffany.

30. Jokwon from 2AM OR Key from SHINee?

My goddess, Key.


  1. I'm with you on the Beast vs Mblaq. Fiction was the song that got me into Beast, and i tend to prefer their music to MBlaq, although I loved Mona Lisa. And lol, Taecyeon vs TOP. How is that even a question? Daesung vs Onew, now that's a tricky one! You know, with Taemin, and I feel guilty saying this, lol, but watching him in WGM has made me like him less (i know, shoot me down, I deserve it). Sometimes I think it's much better to only see small bits & pieces of someone. Too much can make them boring. The good thing about Taemin being on WGM though, is that we get to see the SHINee boys :-)

    1. The TOP vs. Taecyeon question, I know right?! How can you even compare?! They're not on the same level. At all.

      And I agree about the Taemin thing. He can be quite boring on his own and that's probably why they get Shinee and Apink to guest so often. But I don't think WGM has diminished my love for him yet. Whenever I hear him sing live nowadays, I just keep being infinitely impressed by how much he's grown as a singer. He just needs to figure out his variety persona.