Dec 11, 2013

New dramas to add to the pile: Let's Eat, Prime Minister and I

Someone should tell me to just quit while I'm ahead. I'm never gonna win this battle I have against Korean dramas. Or maybe people should just stop making all these dramas seem so compelling. Remember how I'm currently watching too many dramas as it is? Well, let's add two more to the growing pile, shall we?

About two weeks ago, tvN premiered a shiny new drama in the form of a trendy rom-com but, really, Let's Eat is an excuse for food porn. Not that I'm complaining. I started watching the drama because an officemate of mine is a Doo-joon (of idol group Beast) fan and she shared with me the first episode. I guess it's both a good and bad thing that this drama only airs once a week. Good because it gives me more time for my other dramas. Bad because I can't hardly wait for next week to see the next episode!

Let's Eat combines some of my favorite things in the world: a possible noona romance, adorkable characters, a mystery, and food. Lots and lots of food, all artfully shot as if this were a cooking show or a restaurant advertisement instead of a weekly Korean drama.

The drama, when not focusing on that gorgeous piece of meat being cooked on the grill, is about four single people with a passion for food: a fantastically vainglorious lawyer, his distrusting chief secretary, and her two neighbors, one of whom could quite possibly be a serial killer, and the other his possible next victim. All four characters, despite their countless weaknesses and faults, are compelling and likable - even our possible murderer. Uh oh.

The other drama that just premiered this week is Prime Minister and I. Initially, I thought we were getting a Sound of Music -esque romance between the stiff, middle-aged prime minister (played by Lee Beom-soo) and a bumbling writer-turned-nanny (Girls' Generation's Yoon-ah) and that premise, while cute, wasn't enough to get me all excited over it. The only saving grace would've been Yoon Shi-yoon's presence. HOWEVER, the production team decided to divulge a little bit more into the plot a week before premiere and suddenly the premise became a hundred times more awesome. So I tuned in.

Basically, what we're getting is a contract marriage between our carefree heroine and the rigid, soon-to-be prime minister. Everything falls into place when our paparazzo/journalist gets caught in an incriminating photo with the prime minister whom she was trying to get a story out of. Not sure how we'll get to the whole marriage part since I've only seen the first episode, but I'm already excited for the second one. Is it just me or does the possibility of co-habitation hijinks sound appealing? Especially since we're getting none of that cuteness from The Heirs.

I'm actually not bored to tears by Yoon-ah's normally flat acting in this one. She seems to be well-suited to her plucky and resourceful character. Plus, despite the huge age gap between her and Lee Beom-soo, they do have some amazing onscreen chemistry. Bottom line is, Prime Minister and I is a cute, zippy, and fun drama with underlying mysteries and is peppered with layered characters. I hope it stands true all series long. Cross your fingers for me, will you?


  1. I'm watching these two as well. I'm assuming they're not going with the "Doojoon is a murderer" storyline because that clearly wasn't him hitting that woman. I really like the younger girl, she's adorably naive. The lawyer, I didn't like him in the first episode but in the second episode, I found him pretty endearing. The preview for next week looks really cute, too.

    With Prime Minister & I, i haven't seen either of the two leads in anything else, but I think they look good together. The age difference doesn't really come into it at all. I was watching it mostly for Yoon Si Yoon, but i'm glad that the show overall is so funny. The fantasy sequences were awesome!

    1. I do believe the whole Doojoon being overtly suspicious is a red herring. That's one mystery that intrigues me. And I agree that the lawyer wasn't so awesome in through first episode but by the second one... Good lord. He had me at his paparazzi-inspired photoshoot. Haha.

      Also, yes. There were definite laugh-out-loud moments in Prime Minister for me. Knee-slapping laughter may have happened at certain scenes in the second episode. I have high hopes for this one... Uh oh.