May 16, 2013

Lee Hyori teases with "Bad Girl"

The Queen is back and I am beyond excited.

I have to admit, while her first release "Miss Korea" was stylistically and artistically awesome, it left me slightly underwhelmed. It was not the Lee Hyori I was expecting. But with the new teaser she's put out for her second music video "Bad Girl" - damn. DIS GUN BE GOOD.

The Hyori in this video teaser is the Hyori I've been waiting to see for such a long time - the Bad Girl. She's fierce and gorgeous, and it's all quite befitting of the Queen of K-Pop.

Her album entitled Monochrome doesn't drop until May 21 and her comeback show called 2Hyori Show (pronounced like her name, i-hyori) will broadcast on May 22. Till then, I will be on the edge of my seat, excitedly awaiting the full return of Her Royal Hotness.


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