Apr 24, 2013

1 Night 2 Days catch up - Seung-woo leaves, Hae-jin arrives

I was able to catch Kim Seung-woo's exit episode on 1 Night 2 Days over the weekend and, man, there were tears down my face. This ahjussi will be sorely missed.

Having only started watching this show last year, when the new additions to the cast were introduced, I'm more attached to them than I ever was to the first season's former cast members. I have backtracked a bit and have seen several episodes from the original cast, and I was indeed heartbroken when Eun Ji-won and Lee Seung-gi left, but having watched Seung-woo from his very first episode down to his very last is just an altogether different experience.

In addition to our mat-hyung, Bird PD has left as well. And he, too, will be missed. I loved his silly bantering with the cast members, and he brought a different taste to the show, just as Na PD did. He was as much a member of the cast in my mind, to be honest.

While I wish Seung-woo ahjussi all the best in his acting career, I'm also looking forward to our new member and mat-hyung Yoo Hae-jin. I've read the recaps of his debut trip on dramabeans and he seems like fun. He's upping the hyung game by actually being good at the games when he claims to be noncompetitive and seems to get on really well with agency-mates Uhm Tae-woong and Joo Won, as well as Cha Tae-hyun (who just seems to be every celebrity's friend in k-dramaland).

So here's looking forward to more awesome trips and brotherhood (okay, fine - bromances) in my favorite k-variety, il baaaaaaak, i iiiiiiil


  1. Awwww, I haven't seen much of the new 1n2d (I admit I'm still too attached to season 1), but I like Kim Seung-woo a lot. I'm sad by proxy. Will they be replacing him, or going forward with the current members?

    1. They've replaced him with actor Yoo Hae-jin. But the rest of the member line-up remains the same.

      Thanks for leaving a comment! ^_^