May 31, 2014

tvN releases teaser and posters for High School King of Savvy

There are a handful of upcoming dramas that I'm excited about, which is sad because I actually haven't gotten a move on with the currently airing ones. I think I'm only into episode 7 of Angel Eyes, I've only seen the first episode of Doctor Stranger, I'm only at episode 4 of Fall In Love With Me, and the only drama I'm updated with is Witch's Romance. But still, the teasers and posters of Seo In-guk's upcoming tvN series is something I'm really looking forward to.

In this drama, Seo In-guk is set to play the role of a popular high school hockey player who, for some reason, will have to masquerade as his corporate executive older brother in tvN's upcoming rom-com High School King of Savvy. It's really strange to me how this guy can still easily pull off looking like a high school student and, at the same time, look completely at ease in dapper suits that make him seem more mature and older than he really is. It's that duality of looking like both a noona-killer and an oppa in this man-child that keeps me fascinated.

The drama will feature two women vying for this high school king's affections; one is his fellow high-schooler played by Lee Yeol-eum and the other is her older sister who works at the same company as his older brother played by Lee Hana. At this point, because all press has been pointing toward Lee Hana being the main lead, it's enough to assume that it's going to be a noona romance, but I don't know this for sure. Still, the fact that it's set to follow Witch's Romance, which in turn followed I Need Romance 3, all noona romances, I guess it's safe to assume the same for this new one. And you know how much I love them noona romances. Haha.

High School King of Savvy will premiere on July 16, replacing Witch's Romance every Mondays and Tuesdays on tvN.


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    1. Waaahhhhh! Tonight! Or actually, tomorrow - for subs! :)