May 7, 2014

Kang Ha-neul and Lee Jun-ho to join Kim Woo-bin in new film "Twenty"

The gods have heard my prayers and answered them with much gusto. Yesssss, Kang Ha-neul will be starring in a new film alongside my favorite man at the moment, Kim Woo-bin. Woo-bin had already previously confirmed his involvement in the movie but news sites are currently validating the news that Ha-neul and 2PM's Junho will be joining the cast.

I can't wait to see Woo-bin and Ha-neul together again in a project that has to be a hundred times better than The Heirs. The new movie, Twenty, is a light comedy that chronicles the lives of three 20-year-old best friends. Also, I think it's time to mention that Woo-bin's role is being described as "a passionate and horny youth without a job" - HAHAHA. That right there is killing me. I can't wait to see him in this role. Seriously. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it.

Also, my dear Ha-neul. I love this boy. So much so that I'm sticking around watching Angel Eyes with hopes that the flashbacks to the lead characters' youth are used in abundance. I've loved him in all of his dramas and I'm still waiting for that one big role that will catapult him to leading man status.

One of my biggest hang-ups about The Heirs was the non-existent friendship between Woo-bin's and Ha-neul's characters. Sometimes, I swear to god, you can see the palpable jealousy in Young-do over the fact that Hyo-shin sunbae and Kim Tan (Lee Min-ho) were so close. He even actually called Hyo-shin out on the favoritism at one point. Well, in this movie, they can finally have that bromance. I'm a ball of spazz.

I haven't seen Junho's acting skills yet, but when it comes to 2PM he's one of the guys I wouldn't mind watching. I think he received good remarks for his acting in Cold Eyes. I hope he does well in this one too. I surely wouldn't mind seeing him bromancing it up with Woo-bin and Ha-neul.

To top it all off, directing this movie is rookie director Lee Byung-hun (no, not Storm Shadow Lee Byung-hun) who had previously worked on the writing for movies such as Speedy Scandal and Sunny. Those two projects were awesome and anyone who had worked writing those scripts must know a thing or two about heart-warming comedies. Right?!

I am so ready for this movie. Unfortunately, they don't go into production until this summer - and by that, I mean Korean summer. So around July-August, I suppose.


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