Aug 28, 2014

Teaser trailer released for Rain's new drama She's So Lovable

After casting news made its rounds earlier this month regarding world-star Rain's small screen comeback, the upcoming SBS drama has now released its first teaser trailer featuring Rain and his love interest Krystal (of idol group f(x)).

She's So Lovable (aka My Lovely Girl) is described as a "comic, sentimental love fantasy" where Rain plays a composer-producer of an entertainment agency who meets Krystal, a young aspiring musician 12 years his junior. Of course, she falls in love with him but he can't seem to shake off the memories of losing his girlfriend in a tragic car accident - who, of course, happens to be Krystal's older sister.

As much as I'm looking forward to Rain being on my screen again, in what seems to be a rom-com (please kdrama gods, let it be a rom-com), I have to be honest that the whole dead ex-girlfriend/sister trope is something I'm not excited about. But it's Rain. And I love Rain. Also, I really liked Krystal in The Heirs, and she was actually one of the few reasons I continued watching that drama through to the end. So I'm crossing my fingers.

Another thing that I couldn't seem to get past initially was the age gap between Rain and Krystal. Not that I have any qualms with age gaps. I mean, I'm addicted to noona romances and I've watched dramas whose leads had 14-20 years between them. But Rain had always seemed very much a man, and Krystal a child. It's not quite the same as having Yoona or Lee Jong-suk or Seo In-guk in the dongsaeng roles because they didn't quite come off as childlike, just young. Thank goodness then that in the teaser (posted below), the age gap doesn't seem quite as jarring as I initially had thought it would be.

While the trailer gives off a cute vibe, it also, somehow, brings with it a sense of emotional depth reminiscent of more mature shows like this drama's writer-PD team's earlier work Scent of a Woman. Which is a good thing. Krystal doesn't seem to be wishy-washy nor juvenile in the teaser (which most of her earlier roles always were), rather she seems focused and responsible. I don't know if it's just me, but this trailer is definitely making Krystal seem more solemn than I'll ever get used to, since she's always been so callow and, well, loud in her past roles. So things are definitely looking up! I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for this drama.

She's So Lovable replaces It's Okay, It's Love every Wednesday and Thursday on SBS beginning on September 17.


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