Aug 12, 2014

Winner finally debuts with "Empty" and "Color Ring" M/Vs


At midnight last night (KST), YG Entertainment dropped Winner's debut music videos one after the other. After nearly a year of delays and holding back, the new YG boy group finally have their official entry into the k-pop industry. And the fans, myself included, are beside themselves.

The album, 2014 S/S, is a collection of songs written by the members of Winner alongside YG producers and co-trainees B.I and Bobby and is now available on iTunes.

I have yet to listen to all the songs, but based on the two title tracks, this ought to be really good. Both tracks are softer and more melodic than what I'd expect from a YG group, especially as lead singles. It's obvious that they've tried their best to not sound like Big Bang too much. Which is a very good sign.

I, for one, am excited for the boys to begin their music program promotions. I haven't heard of news about their television debut stage yet but their first official stage will be the AIA Real Life Festival Concert happening at the end of the week at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium alongside fellow YG artists and Lady Gaga.

Now I better scuttle off to listen to the album on repeat.


  1. I preferred Empty over Color Ring, and I loved Minho in the Empty MV. How good does he look!? I was so excited for their debut, I'm so happy they're finally out there and official!

    1. I'm honestly so torn between the two songs. I think they all shined in Empty, but damn Seungyoon's vocals in Color Ring.

      And yesssss. Minho looks so good, in both videos.