Sep 12, 2014

YG Battle Round 2: Mix & Match

Here we go again. I say bring on the tears, because why fight the inevitable?

So through the new YG-Mnet reality survival competition Mix & Match,YG will be debuting their next boy group iKON. iKON. That name sucks, but then again, Winner isn't any better a name either.

Good thing Bobby and B.I, along with eldest Team B member Kim Jinhwan, have secured spots in the group. Now it’s up to the 3 remaining members, plus an additional 3 trainees, to battle it out for the last 4 spots in the group. Sooo cruel. Which means, iKON is a 7-member group and 2 of them will not be debuting.

Good lord. These poor kids. As long as Junhoe is able to grab a spot in the group, I will shut my mouth. If not, I will cry. Seriously.

Leading up to the show's premiere (the first episode aired in Korea last night), YG released a Team B digital track called "기다려 (Wait For Me)" which is now available on iTunes. As much as I love Bobby, B.I, and Junhoe, isn’t this track too early? It’s practically nipping at the heels of Winner’s debut. Way to steal their thunder, YG. You couldn't wait until after the show for this to drop?

The last time I went through this insanity, during WIN: Who Is Next?, I swore that that was the last time. But who am I kidding? Mix & Match is now on Mnet's YouTube channel and you know I'll be watching that, even though it's unsubbed. This is going to be my downfall.

Crossing all my fingers and toes so hard that Junhoe makes it all the way. His is the only singing voice, of the 3 younger vocalists who are without a spot in iKON, that I truly love. But you know, the 3 new trainees are adorable too and they could prove to be some serious competition. This makes me nervous. Here's to hoping leader B.I won't be giving them too much trouble though.

Still... Junhoe, fighting!


  1. Yeah, that Team B single is stupidly timed. The WINNER fans are outraged by YG's perceived favouritism. WINNER get a month to promote in Korea and then they're shuffled off to Japan, as Team B release a single and a reality show in Korea.

    As a Team B fangirl though, I'm thrilled, lol. I really like the song too, and i expected it to be really hip hop so the fact that it's more like a WINNER-style song was actually really cool. I think Junhoe will get through to iKon, so it's just the others we have to worry about. I really hate YG for doing this to them, and I have no idea why these boys even put up with it. Nothing is worth this, guys, okay? And when I'm watching it, I'm gonna feel guilty whenever I like the new trainees more than the other Team B boys, lol. Which i probably will, because the show will probably want us going in that direction. No point in there being a show if everyone just supports the Team B members the whole time, right? Or, wait, is that the point of the show? Maybe he doesn't plan on spitting them up at all, and just wants to gather even more support for the Team B boys. Oh well, I don't know. I just know that i'm gonna watch every episode and enjoy them, and then feel sad at the end just like i did with WIN, lol

    I'm waiting for ep 1 to be subbed, so, hopefully that will be soon.

    1. Episode 1 is fully subbed now but I've only seen the first part. (I watched the entire thing without subs though.)

      The thing about the Team B, especially during WIN, was that they had weaker vocalists compared to Winner (Jinwoo is questionable but Seungyoon and Taehyun are out of this world). I only ever really loved Junhoe, and even Jinhwan has his weak spots, vocally. But based on that performance of their new track in M&M ep1, it's clear how much work the other guys put into their voices in the past year of being back in the practice rooms. They all sound better now.

      The 3 new trainees are all vocalists, and I do honestly think YG might put 1 or 2 of them into the group if they happen to be stronger vocalists than Donghyuk and Yunhyeong. But to be honest, I have more confidence in Yunhyeong's voice than Donghyuk (or even Jinhwan).