Sep 24, 2014

Currently Watching: Discovery of Romance, She's So Lovable, Surplus Princess, Mix & Match

It's been awhile since I've blogged about my current dramas, so I'm not sure if I've missed out on any that I did get to watch but never wrote about. Hmmm...

Despite several dramas ending in the past couple of weeks, my plate is still full with new shows that are just as addicting. Here are the shows that are taking up most of my time right now.

1. Discovery of Romance - I love Eric and he's the main reason I'm watching this show. Not to mention I absolutely fell in love with his on-screen chemistry with Jung Yumi in Que Sera Sera and I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to see them back together in a lighter drama. Granted, while the plotline of Discovery is not as heavy and agonizing as QSS, and therefore an easier watch, it's characters are also not as gripping. Good thing we have Kim Seul-gi and Yoon Hyun-min on board because those two are beyond adorable.

This is not to say I'm not enjoying the drama, because I am. I'm also behind Han Yeo-reum and Kang Tae-ha's love story 100%.  And every time Eric sheds a tear on screen, my heart breaks a little. It hurts so good.

2. She's So Lovable - I'm not sure why I'm watching this show but it's Rain's return to the small screen so I tuned in. Also, I kinda really like Krystal. It's a good thing then that she's doing really well in this drama and is making me forget about her idol self. She has good rapport with Rain, too, despite the big age gap. I'm just really iffy about the whole I'm falling in love with my dead sister's ex-boyfriend bit. It's a huge bit because that's basically the whole plot, but the side plots are interesting enough. I like seeing how the two are brought together by fate (or by that adorable dog, really) and how it all takes place in the music industry where we're given a small glimpse into the dark world of k-pop, plagiarism scandals and all.

3. Surplus Princess - I had no intentions of watching this show but I've been hearing so many good things about it and so I decided to download the first few episodes. I wouldn't say it's the best thing ever to come out of cable tv, but it is cute and I love the whole idea of coming together as a family with strangers you meet in a share house. (Which is what sold the whole idea of Roommate to me in the first place.)

It's a bonus that I love Kim Seul-gi and that she's being given more opportunities to make everyone else fall in love with her in all these dramas she's suddenly in. Also, Song Jae-rim. Honestly, I've never seen a single Song Jae-rim drama before this. I've heard many a people rave about him on tumblr and on dramabeans but all I know him from is 2NE1's music video of "Go Away" where he brutally smacked CL down to the ground. But then We Got Married decided to cast him on the show and I can honestly say I'm ecstatic to have been "introduced" to him (more on him later). He's adorable and I'm glad to have him (and his yummy apple-bottoms) on my screen so often.

4. High School Love On - Again, another drama I had no intentions of watching until gifsets on tumblr coerced me into downloading the first few episodes. Which I marathoned over a couple of days and now I'm on the edge of my seat every weekend trying to see if the new episode has been subbed yet. Too bad it's only aired once a week and we've already have had several interruptions (a football match and the 2014 Asian Games). I can't wait for the next episode and I've now learned to appreciate Nam Woohyun. I watch this with my younger sister and she likes Sungyeol more. She's trying to convince me that he looks like CN Blue's Yonghwa, but that's absurd.

5. Mix & Match - Call me masochistic, but I am willingly exposing myself to more of YG's cruelty and all I can do to escape this unscathed is to prepare myself for the onslaught of tears the finale will inevitably serve me. I mean, I was already tearing up towards the end of episode 2, how am I supposed to survive the entire thing? Damnit.

As much as I love B.I, it's Bobby who's giving me so much feels right now. He's a monster on stage, but behind the scenes he's always such a caring brother to the other members. He's a softie and is not afraid to cry, he's also sweet enough to truly worry over maknae Dong-hyuk and to comfort him with a hug and a "hyung is here." While B.I is that tough leader we all admire, Bobby is the respectable sunbae who reaches out a hand to the rookies with a huge toothy smile. Too sweet for words. Also, Junhoe. Junhoe's voice just kills me. Those high notes during "Mercy" were intense.

As for the new guys, I think I really like Chanwoo. And not just because I recognize him as an actor. I think he really does have the potential and I find it endearing how he's usually quiet and fearful around the hyungs but then looks totally at ease when he performs. Can't wait for episode 3!

6. We Got Married - I have to admit that I shed a tear or two when Wooyoung and Seyoung had to part. I really thought they looked good together and their relationship felt genuine. I know most of the show is scripted, but those reactions between the two always seemed real. I wish they maintain their friendship now that their time on the show has ended.

Jonghyun and Yura are as awkwardly adorable as ever. And I love seeing Jonghyun slowly breaking down his own walls. He's starting to feel more comfortable with Yura and he smiles and laughs more now. He's starting to initiate more conversations and skinship and I'm all for that. That tickling scene in the last episode made me squeal out loud. Seriously.

And last but definitely not the least, the new couple is totally awesome. Song Jae-rim and Kim So-eun were never really in my radar before they were cast on this show, but I'm happy getting to know them as they get to know each other. Jae-rim seems like a very playful and mischievous guy and it's cool how So-eun just seems to ride his vibe. I have a feeling I'm going to fall in love with these two as the months go by. I'll be bracing myself for eventual heartbreak then.

I have a full plate still, but I'm not one to complain. If anything, why don't we have more hours a day to watch all the drams? I still haven't started on Plus Nine Boys and the new season of Roommate and I'm already feeling overwhelmed. Aigoo.


  1. Yeah, I like Chan Woo as well, which is funny considering my first reaction to him was "No, go away, you already have a name in the industry", lol. But i think he's more talented than Jin Hyeong, and he does look really comfortable on stage. And yes, Bobby is the sweetest guy, right!? And the others do need him and Jinhwan to be nice to them when they have B.I driving them so hard, lol

    Song Jae Rim is a bit odd but he's like, my favourite person on the planet right now (courtesy of how pretty he looks in Surplus Princess). I did love the fact that he had multiple shorts exactly the same but different colours, that he'd purchased at the convenience store, lol.

    1. Song Jae-rim is so random and I love it. Not only were those shorts from a convenience store... they were from a convenience store in Busan! I mean, as far as I know he isn't from Busan. So he must have bought it on a trip there. Like, just randomly entering a convenience store while on vacation (or for work, who knows?) and deciding he needed 3 pairs of the same striped shorts in different colors... Cool, bro.