Oct 28, 2014

EXO at Incheon Airport

Chanyeol, Chen, Sehun at Incheon International Airport (20141026)
Sometimes life hands you a box of chocolate. Most times, these chocolates are handed out to others and you feel spurned. And okay, fine, also begrudgingly happy for them.

I go to Korea and I get a 5-second glimpse of BTS. Meanwhile, my friend goes to Korea and right out of the plane, bam!, EXO. And she has video and photo proof. UNFAIR.

You know how long the walk is from the arrivals gate to the airport exit? That takes enough time for people to pull out their phones for a few pics and a video. You know how short the walk is from a car parked by the pavement to a salon's front door? Too short.

Can you imagine the amount of screaming I did the moment I saw her message on Kakao Talk at like, 6 in the morning? My trip was just 2 weeks ahead of hers. How does she get so lucky to be at the airport when a bajillion idols were coming home from the 2014 MBC Korean Music Wave in Beijing? I have incredibly bad timing.

Again. UNFAIR.


  1. Ahahaha, this made me laugh. Lucky friend!

    1. I'm still not over it. Hahaha. She got me Infinite and BTS posters though, so I'm thinking about not holding a grudge for too long. Ha!