Nov 5, 2014

iKon's official 6th member and new maknae

Well, things just got interesting. YG is making fans go crazy by announcing Chan-woo first. This makes people think it wasn’t just a battle for 7th between the new guys. I can’t complain. I voted for Chan-woo.

/Honestly, the best thing about Chan-woo being iKon's 6th member is the cuteness explosion between him and Bobby. Kid's a potential hyungwhore./

Who’s ready for tomorrow’s finale? I’m sure as hell not.


  1. I didn't like how they did this but I need to watch the last episode before commenting, lol

    1. I was shocked that they did this. In hindsight, I know I shouldn't have been. It's YG. Heh. But I'm sad that we didn't get live reactions from the guys when they found out who was in and who was out. That's what WIN's finale had that MnM didn't. I wanted to cry and rejoice with them but nah.