Oct 7, 2014

Off to Seoul!

I've been quiet the past week or so even though I've been drowning under a pile of dramas and kpop stuff. It's just that I leave for Seoul tomorrow and things have been slightly insane around here. I keep thinking I'm forgetting to pack something... And then I had to squeeze THIS MUCH clothes and jackets into a tiny suitcase because we're flying cheap and check-in baggage is limited. Ugh.

Choosing which jacket to leave out was tedious.
I thought I was done packing... I wasn't.

So I went from regular sized suitcase to a slightly smaller one and I had to leave out 2 jackets. Like, I was already done packing when I thought of using the lighter suitcase. I hate that a huge chunk of baggage weight is usually the bag itself. So I had to re-pack everything into the lighter suitcase. Sooo not fun. Especially when it's scorching hot in this part of the world.

Even the actual suitcase got edited out.

Finally, yesterday, I was able to finish everything off. Here's to hoping I'm not forgetting anything...

I don't return till next Friday so I will probably be update-less for the next week and a half. I will come back with a shitload of photos to share though. So yay!

Who's excited?! MEEEEEEE.

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