Jan 30, 2015

My Lists: 15 favorite songs from the second half of 2014

Yes, yes. I forgot to write up my list of favorite songs for the second half of 2014. As I've said in my last post, I got super lazy last month and into the new year. So here I am, trying to squeeze this post before the first month ends completely.

As was with the first half of 2014, the second half of the year was just as kpop-filled and my playlist just kept getting bigger and bigger. And so, without further babbling, here are my 15 favorite songs from the second half of 2014.

Apink - "Luv"

Taemin - "Danger"

Super Junior - "This Is Love"

Sistar - "Touch My Body"

Winner (Mino Solo) - "I'm Him"

Taemin - "Ace"

Kara - "Mamma Mia"

BTS - "Danger"

Masta Wu (ft. Dok2, Bobby) - "Come Here"

Beast - "12:30"

GD x Taeyang - "Good Boy"

Epik High - "Happen Ending"

Hi Suhyun - "I'm Different"

Winner - "Empty"

Epik High - "Born Hater"

What were your favorite songs from 2014?


  1. Ah, Taemin. I loved his mini-album, and i still have these moments of pride when i think "i remember you when you were a kid and couldn't sing", ha ha

    GD & Taeyang -. I like them both individually, and I like Big Bang, but i can't get into the song. It's just not my style. But i thought that about TOP's song and all it needed was for me to listen to it about 20 times and I eventually quite enjoyed it, lol

    Super Junior did well last year, I'm desperately hoping Super Show 6 comes to London in May like Wikipedia says they are, lol

    Kara - Mamma Mia. I've never even heard that song! Man, shows how down I am with the girl groups. Give me a boy group and I would've at least heard the song even if i don't know well. But KARA? That flew straight past me!

    1. I feel the exact same way as you about Taemin. When I heard him singing "Replay" on Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook on his own, I was all "OMG REMEMBER WHEN YOU HAD NO SOLO PARTS IN THIS SONG AT ALL BECAUSE YOU WEREN'T REALLY A SINGER AND YOU WERE GOING THROUGH PUBERTY AND YOUR VOICE WAS STILL CRACKING AND NOW YOU'RE HERE." I felt like a proud mom. HAHA.

      I was jamming from the very first listen of "Good Boy" hahaha.

      I'm already kinda sure SS6 isn't coming to Manila this year. But the boys will be here on April for a joint concert with SNSD, Red Velvet, and BtoB. I don't think I can afford to watch though. BigBang should be starting their world tour later this year and I need to save up for that. Also, I already bought tickets to Epik High's manila show. Too broke already! :(

      The only reason I gave Kara a listen (aside from the fact that I actually really like a handful of their older stuff) was because the new girl is on Roommate and they play that song "Mamma Mia" all the freaking time on the show. Haha.

    2. You're seeing Epik High? Awesome! That's going to be one amazing concert!

      I saw a couple episodes of Roommate and Young Ji (that's her name, right?) seemed really nice and cute. I hope she's fit into KARA okay and wasn't bullied too much by their fans, or the other girls.

    3. Young-ji seems like a really earnest kid, super likable. Not sure how the fans are treating her but from the episode where Goo Hara guested on Roommate, it looks like the girls are treating her well.