Feb 10, 2015

KBS drama Blood's conflicting posters

Upcoming KBS vampire-drama Blood starring Goo Hye-sun and new It Boy Ahn Jae-hyun just released a number of posters ahead of its premiere. The drama is set to air in a week's time, on February 16, following the end of current hit series Healer.

The cute poster above features the leads sipping out of a blood bag, given that Ahn Jae-hyun's character is a vampire under the guise of a doctor. This poster is staggeringly not what I expected given the drama's previously released teaser (as below). All that pink and the cutesy pose is what I would have been expecting from a vampire rom-com, not a vampire medical suspense drama. Needless to say, I found the poster a bit, um, jarring?

However, along with the first poster, the production released two more posters that features not just the two main leads but our main baddie as well, Ji Jin-hee. Now, these following posters are more along the lines of what I was expecting. Dark, gritty, bloody. I guess we can surmise that beyond the drama's blood and suspense holds a charming love story? One can hope.

After seeing Goo Hye-sun in Angel Eyes, I trust her growth as an actress and I believe she can pull this role off. No one can possibly be worried about Ji Jin-hee either. Ahn Jae-hyun, on the other hand, is a different story. While I love the man myself, mostly I just think he's so gorgeous that he seems otherworldly. He was effective enough in his tiny role in You From Another Star, the drama that launched his acting career and propelled him to It Boy status. He wasn't so bad in his minor role in You're All Surrounded as well. But if he's strong enough to pull off a lead role, when this is only his third drama ever, still remains to be seen. I hope he is.

Whether I will be tuning in to this drama is yet to be seen. I currently still have a lot on my plate and I've just started on more. I'm certainly grasping at time here; trying to squeeze in as much watching, reading, working, and sleeping into my days as I can.

Pending people's feedback and the general concensus of kdrama addicts the world over, maybe I might be convinced to marathon the show when it's run is about to end, if it's good enough. Much like what I'm doing with Healer right now, I suppose.


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