Feb 26, 2015

Currently Watching: Hogu's Love, Persevere Goo Hae-ra, Hyde Jekyll Me

I've been gone so long that I've totally skipped writing about several dramas that I've been watching. I saw Healer, late to the game, and marathoned the entire thing in a matter of days. I loved it so much and fell so hard for Ji Chang-wook. Crazy.

I also started on several other dramas but have failed to finish them because even more dramas have started and are now taking up most of my time. I'm halfway through Birth of a Beauty but have, for now, put it on the back burner. The same goes for Liar Game (just 4 more episodes, I know), but I'm determined to eventually get back to it. Soon.

Meanwhile, dramas like High School Love On and Surplus Princess have been completely forgotten. And I have yet to get started on Misaeng. Soon, I swear!

What I'm currently preoccupied with are as follows:

1. Hogu's Love - I'm not sure what to make of this drama just yet. I'm sort of addicted to it but I'm not sure why. I love UEE in it and hers is a character I can empathize with. I equally love Choi Woo-shik but for totally different reasons. Also, while I love Im Seulong as an actor, I absolutely loathe his character. Plus, I'm not sure what to make of how they ended the 6th episode. I guess I just have to wait and see.

2. Persevere Goo Hae-ra - I'm not yet completely caught up with the drama because I made the mistake of marathoning the first 5 episodes over a weekend and totally forgot that this is a once-a-week show. So, in order to not be completely left hanging again, I'm trying to pace myself with it. So far, though, so good. The music is awesome. The characters are relatable. The plotlines are believable, taking into consideration the fact that there's only so much verisimilitude a musical drama can muster, of course.

3. Hyde, Jekyll, Me - Not sure if the story is enough to keep me around... But I'm determined to stick with it. I love Hyun Bin and Han Ji-min individually, and while their chemistry has yet to explode, I do think they're cute enough together. Also, Sung Joon is doing so well in his role. He has me so conflicted right now. HA. Here's to hoping this week's episodes bring more light to the conflicts we're facing.

4. We Got Married - How sad am I that Jonghyun and Yura are leaving the show? Very. But I can't say that this has come as a shock. I was waiting for it to happen, even while hoping it didn't. They've only been on the show for a couple of months but their chemistry has been fluctuating - mostly because Jonghyun has the hardest time opening up. Also, that Jonghyun-Nana dating scandal. Le sigh.

There are new dramas about to air soon, of which Superdaddy Yeol, Divorce Lawyer in Love, and Angry Mom look promising. I've also heard good thing about Heard It Through the Grapevine but I'm waiting for more feedback before I actually decide to tune in. So many dramas, so little time.


  1. You still hate Seulong's character even after episode 6? Wow. I hated him until ep 4 and now I love him. Well, still hate aspects of his character but love the overall storyline.

    I'm not watching WGM but i'm gonna get back into it once Henry is on it. He should be pretty amusing, I reckon.

    1. I wrote this entry just after watching episode 6 and so it was right after the whole reveal that left me confused, but at that point there wasn't really much to the back story yet. So at that point, yes, I still hated him (while finding his selca ways completely hilarious). Right now though, he intrigues me. I need to know if he really is gay or is he just Hogu-sexual and will the show be pulling a Coffee Prince on us (where he turns out to be just as happy finding out the "Hogu" was Hokyung after all - which would be a cop out because even if he did fall in love with Hokyung's personality, he still found Hogu the most beautiful. HA!).

    2. Now i have no idea why i thought the reveal came at the end of episode 4, lol. I think he's Hogu-sexual. I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens when he finds out. I actually really want that to be soon, I feel sorry for him. Which is ridiculous cos he's such a douche but i've basically done a complete 180 and love him now, despite everything. He's just so funny, how he has his voice overs telling himself that "it's not because of Hogu, it's not because of Hogu". But he's jealous of Do Hee! I just love that so much!

    3. Can't wait to get home so I can finally watch my episode 9 download! :D