Jun 5, 2013

My Lists: 10 favorite female dancers in k-pop

It's been awhile since I've made a list and so today I'll be listing down my top ten favorite female dancers in k-pop.

Having been trained to dance (ballet, street, jazz, cheerleading, folk, you name it - I've probably done it... oh, except break dancing, that's one thing I can't do) since the age of 3, I'm a huge fan of k-pop idols who can dance their butts off. Luckily, there are many to choose from. And here are my top ten, in no particular order.

Lee Hyori - Hyori is awesome. She may not be k-pop's best singer or dancer, but the girl can move and she's got huge charisma. She steps on stage and immediately commands attention.

Minzy - 2NE1's Minzy is definitely one of k-pop's most notable dancers of late. Though she may be repetitive in her moves, and at time messy, she's definitely one of those people who are so at ease with their body that they make dancing look easy.

Nicole - If I had a Kara bias, it would probably be Nicole. This girl may not be the best technical dancer in k-pop, but she's certainly one of its best movers. There's a difference but Nicole does it in a way that you don't notice it.

Hyuna - I'm not 4Minute's biggest fan, nor Hyuna's, for that matter. But it's hard to deny that this girl can dance. And when she takes to the stage, whether as a solo act or with her group (or project duo with Beast's Hyunseung), it's hard to look elsewhere.

Fei - Fei is definitely on this list, especially after winning the 3rd season of the Korean franchise of Dancing with the Stars. I'm beyond glad that Fei is finally getting the attention she deserves after having been overshadowed by her miss A co-members since their debut. This girl is so awesome, not only did she win DWTS, she also made the top 2 of Master Chef Korea Celebrity Edition in the same year. That doesn't really signify on this list, but still... a girl who can dance and cook! It's like we're the same person. Ha.

Hyoyeon - As SNSD's lead dancer, there's no missing Hyoyeon when the girls hit those dance breaks. As hard as it is to stand out in a group of nine pretty ladies, it's still with effortless grace and hard-hitting moves that Hyoyeon manages to captures our attention.

Jia - It says so much of the group when Jia is the second miss A member on my list, and I'm not even done with this group yet. Jia is beyond amazing - not only is she a superb dancer, her flexibility still leaves my jaw hanging. Fantastic singer, amazing rapper, and flawless dancer, Meng Jia is out to rule the k-pop world.

*This video isn't a solo, as I couldn't find an awesome solo video of Jia dancing. But this video is of Jia, Fei and Wonder Girls member Lim.

Min - Is it any surprise that bffs Hyoyeon and Min made waves as kids dancing in Little Winners? Min is a little dancing prodigy who trained for years in the US before debuting under JYPE. The third miss A member on my list, Min is also my new miss A bias. This changes from time to time, but it doesn't even matter. They're all awesome. But Min does hip-hop like nobody's business.

BoA - This girl is a goddess. She sings like an angel but dances like a beast. Is that even possible? Apparently so. Her moves are so precise, so clean, so flawless. She's only 26 but has been in the business for almost 13 years. She's a child prodigy who has grown so much and helped shape k-pop from its early days. Way back when I had no idea what k-pop even was, I already knew who BoA was. She's a huge name, and rightly so.

Kahi - It's no surprise that before Kahi debuted with girl group After School she used to dance back-up for a lot of big names in k-pop, most notably BoA. I honestly knew next to nothing about Kahi prior to watching this one video that made me go, holy shit. Girl is a dance machine.

Honorable Mention: Park Shin-hye - Not an idol but an amazing dancer. So much so that I can't believe she's not a pop star.

What about you? Who are your favorite dancers?


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