Jun 7, 2013

So guess who's watching her 2nd k-pop concert ever?

Ha. My friends and I finally decided, at almost the 11th hour, to go ahead and buy tickets to CN BLUE's upcoming concert.

The announcement that the 4 boys would be making their way to Manila for their 2013 Blue Moon World Tour came months in advance but I was not quite sure if I had the budget to watch more concerts this year. I had also been waiting for confirmation from a friend on whether or not she could get us discounted ticket. That option fell through so we had to buy our tickets at regular price. I don't mind, really. They weren't that expensive to begin with. It's just that with Fall Out Boy and Super Junior headed this way in a couple of months, I'm finding myself quite broke.

Anyway, the tickets have been bought. We're all set and the concert is next week. I'm guessing we were extremely lucky there were still tickets available. I just really had to make sure we got seats on Jonghyun's side of the stage. Ha.

I'm not CN BLUE's biggest fan but I still love them. And, damn, I'm excited.


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