Jul 8, 2013

Monstar updates and the lack of recaps

So, Monstar has been taking up most of my thoughts as of late. Despite the lack of further recaps, I assure you I have been stuck to this drama like glue. The show is an awesome showing for Mnet, especially since it's their first drama ever.

I know I said I'd try my best to recap this. And seeing as how it's only 12 episodes short, with only 1 episode out per week, you'd think it'd be an easy task. But it wasn't and I still have half of my episode 3 recap in my drafts. I don't know if I'll ever continue with the recaps, so for now I'll just be laying some of my feels for this show out there.

First of all, Jae-rok pisses me off the most. Let me just get this off of my chest. He's the biggest asshole alive and he doesn't even have anything to show for it. Without Do-nam, without All For One - who is he? What does he even contribute to All For One in the first place? He plays the motherfather cymbals, for crying out loud! My feels, they are all over the place.

Anyway, let's move on. [SPOILER ALERT. If you haven't seen episode 8 yet, turn back right now.]

While I'm still solidly behind the Seol-chan and Se-yi ship, and omg they are finally getting somewhere, Se-yi's wishy-washy attitude towards her feelings for Seol-chan is getting quite tiring. Yes, I understand this is all new for her, but how dim can a girl be? How can she be this much in denial about her feelings for Seol-chan? Aigoo. Still enjoying their flirtationship though. I just can't wait to see how they survive their next hurdle. You know, with Seol-chan being a star and all. To echo Sun-woo's earlier sentiments, can Seol-chan really hold on to Se-yi despite his fans?

Now, as for Mr. Class President and our resident bad girl, I am excited. From the very first inkling of a relationship that the show had given us a peek into weeks before, I had been behind them 100%. So yes, I am happy that Nana has been more aggressive about her crush, even if this means manipulating Sun-woo into "dates" with her. Sun-woo, on the other hand, has got to get over his childhood crush. That's a sinking ship that he has yet to recognize and it's better to save himself now before he gets hurt even more. Also, while I'm glad he's one of the few people who is making an effort to really see Nana as a person, he was also an ass when he told her he showed up to their non-date because he felt like it was a "good deed." Dude, she doesn't need your charity.

I'm also quite curious where they're taking the whole Eun-ha storyline. While she has always been a cute sidekick, the perfect foil for both Se-yi and Seol-chan, we've never really delved into her character in the past 8 weeks. But I think we're starting to do so right now. Episode 8 showed us how Eun-ha is realizing that, while she is a member of Color Bar, she's just not as significant as the rest of her teammates. We only have 4 more episodes to go and, with all these relationships unsolved left and right, I'm not sure how we're going to find the time to flesh out Eun-ha's story.

And now, to the meat of the drama thus far. Our bromantic relationships have taken turns for the worst. On the lighter end of the bromantic spectrum, we have Seol-chan and Sun-woo who have taken their post on either side of Se-yi and are quite prepared for an epic tug-o-war. The thing is, we're quite positive Se-yi won't even wholeheartedly try to resist Seol-chan's pull. Although Sun-woo had upped the ante by finally revealing to Se-yi that he likes her, if he continues in this direction, he'd just be fighting a losing battle. But what worries me the most is how his confession affects his relationship with his former BFF. I just want them to be friends again, and the faster Sun-woo gets over Se-yi, the faster they are to remedying their lost bromance.

Finally, let's touch on the more tragic friendship. While I'm glad to find out that Do-nam and Kyu-dong's relationship is far from being utterly irreparable, I'm frustrated that the back story doesn't seem worthy of so much life-altering angst and a suicide attempt (I'm hoping it's just an attempt, because an actual death will kill me). We've always known that Kyu-dong must have done something that cost Do-nam a future career in judo. There must have been some betrayal that caused such a friendship to end. But in the bigger scheme of things, a singing competition and a tumble down the stairs was not what I was expecting.

Although, I'd give Do-nam some credit and say that in the recent episodes, he has been much kinder to Kyu-dong and has not directly bullied the kid. I'd even be generous and say that he was well on his way to forgiving. It's that damn Jae-rok and the rest of their class who are insensitive little gits who deserve some slaps.

The last episode left us with Kyu-dong standing on the edge of the rooftop, finally finding the courage to end things, fully believing that he will never be forgiven by Do-nam. He's of the mind that all the taunting he received from the class was due to Do-nam's anger. He doesn't know that that little weasel Jae-rok was behind it all. And let me just tell you now, if Kyu-dong does end up jumping off that roof, I will never forgive Jae-rok and his minions. Never. Not that my unforgiving stance will have any effect on them, even if they were real people, which they are not... BUT STILL. Ugh.

With so many loose ends - and it feels as if we're miles away from a happy ending - I'm scared for how the writers are planning on closing the show when we only have 4 more episodes left. Is too much to ask for an extension? Yes? Someone assure me that everything's going to be alright...

Suffice it to say, this show has got me hook, line and sinker. Good job, Mnet.

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  1. That song that Kyu Dong sang in episode 8 was so awesome, it's the first OST song i've downloaded. And it was so sad, and so representative of what he was feeling. I'm assuming that Do Nam somehow gets to the roof on time and talks Kyu Dong down, because I think he is the only one Kyu will listen to at this point.

    Their whole back story reminded me of School 2013. Do Nam can't do Judo anymore because of Kyu, and not only that, Kyu still went ahead to the next audition even though Do Nam was in hospital. That's why Do Nam felt so betrayed. And when you act like that at a young age, it's hard to swallow your pride and admit that you want to be friends again.

    As to Seyi, yeah, she's annoying me too with the whole "do i really like him?" thing. I never buy in dramas that a girl is so freaking naive that she has no clue what she is feeling. She's not that dumb. Her date with Seol Chan was very cute, and I'm glad that she acknowledged that she understood why he said that she wasn't his girlfriend, even though she was hurt by it anyway. Seol Chan can't quite admit to liking her to her face, but he's showing her, she's just not realising it.

    I loved the performance at the end of ep 7, and the All For One reaction to Nana's voice. They were utterly stunned. And the sister's "I want him" about Seol Chan made me crack up. I would want him too, after that performance.

    And lastly, Eunha. Yeah, no idea. She's right though, she has no point at all.