Jul 10, 2013

Yeo Jin-goo to star in his first sitcom

I love Yeo Jin-goo. Although, admittedly, I've only ever seen him in Missing You and I have yet to backtrack his earlier works. But that one drama - or all four episodes he was in, to be accurate - was enough to let me know how much talent is packed in this young'un (still can't believe he's only 15!).

There were speculations of Yeo Jin-goo starring in a drama alongside Yoon Sang-hyun (Secret Garden, Can't Lose), which unfortunately did not materialize and the latter has since moved on to the currently airing and high-rating drama I Hear Your Voice. Now it's being reported that Yeo Jin-goo has just been cast to star in the new tvN sitcom created by High Kick PD Kim Byung-wook. While I'm not one to stick around to watch sitcoms that have 100+ episodes, this still excites me for what it could mean for this boy's career.

High Kick has spawned a lot of today's young stars (Jung Il-woo, Yoon Shi-yoon, Lee Jong-seok, etc.) and  though this is not part of the High Kick series, we can still rest assured that Yeo Jin-goo will be in good hands.

Also being courted to join the sitcom are rookie actress Ha Yeon-soo (Monstar) and industry veteran Lee Soon-jae (The King 2 Hearts, Childless Good Fortune).

The sitcom's working title is A Potato Star That Looks Like A Sweet Potato 2013QR3. I'm not sure if that sounds as strange in Korean as it does in English, but either way it's scheduled to premiere on September.


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