Aug 13, 2013

Current Addiction: EXO's "Growl"

I've just recently started listening to EXO, ever since they came out with "Wolf" and their new album XOXO. For some reason, previous tracks "Mama" and "History" just weren't able to hold my attention for more than a few listens. But the moment I heard "Wolf", I knew I had found my new crack. And even more so when they released their latest single "Growl".

Not only does "Growl" have one of the best music videos to come out of SM Entertainment in years, possibly ever, it's also an awesome song in itself. The hook is catchy, the vocals are powerful, and it's just that type of song that makes you wanna dance. And need I even mention how awesome the choreography is? Good job, Exo. Good job.

So the music video is awesome. The live performances have all been awesome. And then SM goes and releases a dance practice video?! While it doesn't differ much from the actual music video, it is always refreshing to see the boys in everyday wear and dancing for the fun of it. Kai is especially adorable at the video's end.

How many versions of this song can I listen to and watch? Apparently, not enough. So it's a good thing 2BIC released a short snippet of their acoustic cover of the song on YouTube and I've been listening to it on repeat ever since. So. Good.

And yet I still want more. If you know of any good "Growl" covers, let me know. Dance covers too! I've seen a handful, but I'd love to see some more. I'm an Exotic now, apparently.

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  1. I freaking loved this video. I wasn't really expecting anything, so the minute I started watching it and realised what it was, my jaw dropped and stayed dropped the whole time. Total props to the camera man, seriously. Even if they've cut clips together and made it look like it's one shot, it's still really well filmed and edited if that's the case. The dance is awesome, can you imagine how long it would have taken them to perfect it? And even then, in one of the live versions, D.O turns the wrong way at one point, lol.

    I didn't love Wolf but it was still catchy so i'd still find myself singing along to it. With Growl, I like the MV more than the song, but because I love the MV so much, I grew to love the song, lol