Aug 6, 2013

Monstar, a look back

Mnet's music drama Monstar came to a close last week. And the main thing I brought with it: "God, I love Junhyung."

Overall, I’m okay with the finale. Though, yes, I would’ve appreciated more answers. However, the lack of direct answers is fine in that the emotional closure felt enough. You know what I mean? The show left off in a place where I know these characters will be fine. I don't have to worry about them.

Regarding the falling out of Seol-chan and Sun-woo, I think because Seol-chan was already abandoned twice (as was revealed in the finale), his biggest fear was to be abandoned a third time. When Sun-woo had told his mother about Seol-chan being adopted, Seol-chan’s main complaint was that he didn’t want to burden his mother. The fear in a child of being abandoned must be immense. Can you imagine? Sure, it carries lesser weight now that they’re older. But when you see that Seol-chan never really got over his abandonment issues (i.e. always tiptoeing around his mother, trying to avoid being a burden all the time) then it’s safe to say his resentment of what Sun-woo did would not have faded with age as well. And in hindsight, suddenly this makes more sense now:

The drama, while not the best of the bunch right now, was definitely gripping and poignant in its own way. I loved how whimsical it all felt when in fact it was a drama set in high school, which is nothing remarkable and is actually quite quotidian. But the aesthetic of the drama, plus the wonderful music of its soundtrack, made things a whole lot more interesting.

This drama made me fall in love with a lot of its characters and, sequentially, fall out of love for a number of them (Sun-woo, I'm looking at you). But that's life, I guess. Some people end up disappointing you and not everyone gets their happy ending. Actually, scratch that. Sometimes, people find out that their idea of a happy ending is not what its cracked up to be and so they find their happily ever after elsewhere. I truly believe Nana will be much happier with someone who appreciates all she has to offer. That may or may not be Sun-woo.

Although the whole Sun-woo/Nana romance never really took off during the course of the show, that's not to say it won't happen in this dramaland's future. When Sun-woo tried on the jacket Nana had made for "no one" and he casually muttered "I didn't think this would fit me" towards the end of the finale episode... That could be him admitting that he thought Nana wouldn't fit him, but she might after all.

With the main pair of the show, I am satisfied with how they played out. Sure, there will be trouble ahead of them. But Seol-chan is ready to be Se-yi's jjak, in laughter and in tears, so I'm happy for the both of them. And this serenade from Seol-chan? It is perfection.

For the most part, it was fun watching Seol-chan mature as the drama progressed. Sure, he was still pretty much a child towards the end, but he is a teenager and that's what's expected. But where it mattered, he has definitely shown how much he's grown. That scene where he was ready to kneel and literally kiss Ari's feet? That freaking moved me. It showed what lengths he would go to in order to save Se-yi. And all this from that conceited idol boy from the first episode? Man, that was so satisfying.

The same goes for Se-yi. Though she was never "childish" per se, she had her faults. She was always unforgiving of her mother - and at certain times, Seol-chan. So it was good to see her smiling with her mother towards the end. I trust she'd bestow the same kind of forgiveness to ahjussi when she eventually learns the whole truth behind her father's death.

As for the side characters, I'm happy for both Kyu-dong and Do-nam. I trust they'll be the best of fanboys to Nana. I couldn't really muster enough concern for Eun-ha, but I'm glad she's moved on. As for the All For One kids... I hope they grow up to be as fabulous as Noh Min-woo. That's the best I can think of for them. I still hate Hyo-rin and Jae-rok and I don't think I will ever understand Joon-hee. But that's neither here nor there. As long as my Color Bar babies are happy, I'm happy.

Thanks Mnet, for a good drama. I'll be looking forward to the next one.


  1. Yeah, i never understood Jun Hee, he was an odd character. I was happy with how it ended, and I loved both songs at the end too, although I can't find the All For One song to download anywhere!

    Do Nam ended up being my favourite character, lol. I didn't expect that at the beginning! That bit right at the end when he was singing? Totally adorable.

    I really liked how Seol Chan and Seyi just sort of ended up dating without really saying it. They just starting hanging out together, and being happy to be together. Oh God though, meeting Seolchan's mum was so awkward! His serenade was really lovely though.

    1. I need to download more from the OST. So far, I only have the song by BTOB and Junhyung "After Time Passes" and the song Junhyung composed for the final episode where Seol-chan serenades Se-yi. That latter one was a rip from the show though. I hope Mnet decides to release it as an official part of the OST.

      And yes! Do-nam ended up being this adorable and lovable teddy bear. Haha.