Aug 23, 2013

My Lists: 10 favorite idol-actors

I know it's been ages since my last post. I was down with a fever for a good week and that took away from quality online time. Heh. But anyway, I'm back now and thought it a perfect opportunity to write up another list.

There have been many casting news for new movies and dramas due out later this year to next year and, of course, a number of idols are being considered for big roles. What's a project without an idol-turned-actor up in the credits, right? While not all idol-actors are praiseworthy, there are certainly more than a handful of actors in your favorite dramas and movies who started out (and are still) idol stars. And for today's list, I'll be giving you my top 10 favorite idol-actors.

Yoon Eun-hye - I don't know much about Baby V.O.X but I do love me some Yoon Eun-hye. Though she got her fair share of criticism for her debut role as an actor in Goong, Yoon Eun-hye showed her detractors that she's actually got some acting chops in her follow up drama Coffee Prince. That drama, to this day, is still one of my all-time favorites and it put Yoon Eun-hye on my list of favorite actresses.

Eric Mun - Who doesn't love Shinhwa's leader, Eric? Not only is he tall, dark, and handsome, he's also such a charming guy with an insane sense of humor. Plus, the boy can act. One of my all-time favorite melodramas is the 2007 watch-it-and-weep Que Sera Sera where Eric played the lead role. That drama showed Eric in a totally different light, and boy was he legit in it.

Park Yoochun - This JYJ member is my favorite dorky actor. Sure, he's gorgeous and can do drama like a boss. But he's always especially adorable in those funny scenes where he's being a doofus. And this can be said for both rom-com Rooftop Prince and melodrama I Miss You.

T.O.P - A lot of people cringed every time Big Bang's TOP opened his mouth in action drama IRIS, myself included. But it's not entirely his fault that a lot of his lines were in English. While I have not loved TOP in any of his dramas yet, I was moved beyond tears by his performance in 71: Into the Fire. Even alongside big guns like Kwon Sang-woo, Cha Seung-won and Kim Seung-woo, TOP was able to hold his own and he totally stole that film.

Lee Seung-gi - I have not cried as much as I did while watching Lee Seung-gi's moving performance in The King 2 Hearts. This solo singer has done almost everything under the sun and he's been good at everything. He's a variety sweetheart, a CF king, and an actor to be reckoned with. While rom-com is his main game as an actor, it was the dramatic beats in his recent drama that knocked me off my socks.

Kim Dong-wan - There's just something about Kim Dong-wan that makes me wanna pet him and keep him in my pocket. And I don't just mean his size. Dong-wan, of Shinhwa fame, is insanely charismatic. Of the episodes of Cheer Up Mr. Kim that I've seen, Dong-wan has always shown such strong presence on screen and he always makes you want to root for him.

Jung Eun-ji - Who can even forget her character from Reply 1997? Eun-ji brought Siwon to life. With every stilted line delivery, every prolonged whine, every smirk directed at Yoon-jae, we all simultaneously fell in love with Siwon and A Pink's Eun-ji.

IU - I have a lot to say about how You're The Best Lee Soon Shin is turning out but none of them would be about terrible acting. Because, truth be told, the only good thing remaining about the show is its awesome cast. IU has been delivering well week after week, and her efforts are obvious and praiseworthy. P.S. I also loved her Pil-sook in Dream High.

Seo In-guk - Just as we could all relate to Eun-ji's fangirl character in Reply 1997, we also wanted a best friend like Yoon-jae. Sure, he was surly and broody, but he was also a gorgeous dork who was incredibly sweet to his best friends and brother. Seo In-guk continues to make us fall in love in this year's new Hong Sisters' drama Master's Sun.

UEE - I used to hate UEE, if only because I hated her character in You're Beautiful. But I guess you can call that effective acting. Hah. Later on, I fell in love with her in Ojakkyo Brothers and I haven't looked back since. It really helped that she had amazing on screen chemistry with Joo-won.

What about you? Who are your favorite idol-turned-actors?


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