Sep 18, 2013

More stills are released from the set of The Heirs

Dramaland is abuzz lately with a handful of October dramas releasing photo teasers from their sets. The Heirs is not one to be left behind as it has been creating buzz from several months back, way before actual production was underway. Casting news consistently called for attention as the drama boasts of an ensemble cast comprised of pretty and youthful talents. And now that production has actually begun, the hype just continues to rise as the drama releases more stills from its set, following the trail of photos already released last week.

Lee Min-ho (City Hunter) and Park Shin-hye (Flower Boy Next Door), this drama's main couple, were in LA recently to film the pairing's first meeting. Lee Min-ho's character is a young chaebol studying abroad, while Park Shin-hye's character is the average girl visiting family in the States. I sense chemistry between the two and it excites me (even if the better part of me is telling me not to get my hopes up).

The drama has also released a slew of photos of the other characters. We have Choi Jin-hyuk (Gu Family Book), who plays the older brother of Lee Min-ho's character. He's looking dapper in his expensive-looking suit, standing in the middle of an equally expensive-looking jewelry store. Krystal also co-stars as an heiress to an entertainment fortune, she is the female second lead.

Kang Min-hyuk (You've Fallen For Me) joins the cast as a friend to Park Shin-hye's character. This probably means he's also of the poor kind. Kim Ji-won (To The Beautiful You), like almost everyone else in this drama who isn't Park Shin-hye or Kang Min-hyuk, plays an heiress to a hotel business.

The Heirs is set to air on October 9 on SBS.


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