Sep 12, 2013

Reply 1994 set to broadcast in October

The much-anticipated Reply 1997 prequel of sorts, aptly dubbed Reply 1994, is set to air on cable channel tvN on October 18 at 9PM (KST). The drama will be aired twice weekly, every Friday and Saturday.

Last year saw the success of Reply 1997 and blew expectations out of the water with its wit and humor and a whole bunch of heart. Not only was the show filled with 90’s references (hello, Tamagotchi), it also gave us heartwarming coming-of-age stories for each of our characters. Though the drama started off quietly, it ended with a bang when its popularity slowly grew as the drama progressed, eventually earning itself a cult following.

With the success of its predecessor, the expectations for Reply 1994 is much higher - which has its pros and cons. On the upside, right off the bat, this drama is sure to have an audience. On the downside, they will need to make sure the drama lives up to it's precursor's name and keep that audience. If the writers stick to what made 1997 a runaway hit - casual 90's references, an awesome soundtrack, but above all, a story with heart - then we can rest assured that we will have a good show on our hands. I'm expecting baggy jeans, a whole load of basketball crazies, and Seo Taiji and Boys references.

The cast attended a script-reading session several months ago and look how adorable Go Ara was in her 90's getup. The Lakers shirt and denim overalls? Daebak. That was an awesome initiative on her part.

Though 1994 has nothing to do with the plot-lines and characters of 1997, we see the return of Sung Dong il and Lee Il Hwa, who appeared as the parents of A Pink's Jung Eun-ji in 1997. They will be joined by Go Ara, Jung Woo, Yoo Yeon Suk, Kim Sung Kyun, Tiny G’s Min Do Hee, B1A4’s Baro, and Son Ho Joon. 

Reply 1994 also released their first promotional poster featuring their ensemble cast. If the drama maintains the feel of this poster, then we're in for one hell of a nostalgic trip. I'm excited!

Will you be tuning in to this drama when it airs in October?


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