Sep 20, 2013

The Heirs releases first teaser trailer

Upcoming trendy high school rom-com The Heirs is in full gear as it continues to make waves a month before its scheduled premiere.

Fast on the heels of the release of stills from the set and character posters, the drama has upped the hype by giving us its first teaser trailer. The trailer, which aired after the September 19th episode of Master's Sun, gives us a glimpse into what we can expect from the drama.

Not surprising, the trailer boasts of its ensemble cast - all of whom are gorgeous young stars - and it clearly shows us that each and everyone of these characters are "heirs," including Park Shin-hye and Kang Min-hyuk's characters. That is, if being "heir to poverty" and "heir to intelligence" - respectively - count (which they don't).

Much of the hype for this drama is brought about by its stellar cast (duh), most of whom are not just pretty faces but have actual acting abilities to back them up. While that's well and good, I'm sincerely hoping they have a fresh story to tell. If it's just straight up Candy meets chaebol prince, I will be sorely disappointed - especially when they have all that talent to work with.

The Heirs succeeds Master's Sun and premieres on October 9.


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