Feb 26, 2014

2NE1 returns tonight!

Being highly YG-biased, I have to admit that 2NE1's pending comeback is the only girl group comeback I care about. I have nothing against SNSD, but I am quite impartial to most of their members and their brand of music.

It's been years since 2NE1's last full-length album. Years. So allow me to express my utmost excitement for this album to drop. TONIGHT! Finally. 

YG has officially released all teaser photos for the new album entitled Crush, as well as the track list. Apparently, CL had some hand in writing lyrics for some of the songs and I am looking forward to hearing what a CL-penned track might sound like.

Also, this comeback comes hand-in-hand with a world tour and I need to find a way to get a hold of tickets without totally killing my bank account. I kinda want to be close enough to the stage to be able to see what they're wearing, but not close enough to regret the insane financial setback a month later. HA.

You know what would make this year even better? Winner's debut, a Lee Hi comeback, and a Big Bang comeback. Aaaaaahhhh. And maybe for the YG Family World Tour to head in this direction (not gonna happen, but no one said I need to be realistic when wishing for things).

Here are the Crush teaser photos and the track list.


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