Feb 10, 2014

Wrapping Up: Prime Minister and I

For those who have yet to finish the drama, go back and return after you watch the final episode. There will be major spoilers ahead. In 3, 2... 1!


This drama was cutest when it gave us the fluff we were watching it for. Not the tear-jerking angst-driven plotlines. I swear to God, I loved this drama. But episode 17 was enough for me to want to slap the writer so hard she'd need her jaw realigned. For the most part, they delivered the story well and I cared enough for all the characters that I cried along with them to the very end. And that was the problem, all the crying to the very end. They dwelled in the tears for so goddamn long that by the time I had wiped my tears away, I didn't feel all that happy about the reunion anymore. And that fricking reunion. I expected hugs and kisses and all I got was a measly handshake. How dare you, Show? How dare you?!

Although I get why they ended that way, and I really do, but I don't care for it all too much. So yes, the show ended on a happy note where our adorable heroine and sexy Prime Minister reunited and "met" each other in a more positive note where the possibility of starting over was clear. But honestly, didn't we all just want to see them together and in love? Because they already fricking were in love. I don't care if the show gave me a limp-lipped kiss, but to give me no kiss at all in the finale? That's just plain cruel.

You were given a 1-episode extension and you still end with a handshake?! What a fricking travesty.

Anyyyywaayyyy... all the emotional and funny beats leading up to episode 17 were awesome and touching and they played with my emotions in the best way possible. And I now have so much more respect for Yoon-ah as an actress than I ever did before. And I've confirmed that Yoon Shi-yoon can move me with just a single look. Also, Lee Beom-soo is one sexy mofo. Having said that... I'm now off to denying episode 17 ever happened. I'm of the belief that the show gave us a sweet ending with adorable reunions and kisses all around, with Nam Da-jeong surrounded by her new family and the people who love her the most.


  1. I really don't know why they couldn't have a scene with her and the kids. She didn't say goodbye to them, she didn't appear to see them at all. Even if they have their mother back, they won't want Da Jeong to disappear completely. I started not caring about the show around episode 14, and i completely skipped episode 16 and just read the recap, lol. I just wasn't interested. I watched episode 17, and I did like how they made her a published author, and that they can now meet as two adults and have a normal relationship. But, overall, I just found the ending boring.

    1. Ugh. Seriously. The latter quarter of the series just lagged so much with the return of the dead wife. I just wanted cuteness from Da-jeong and Kwon Yul, damnit.