Feb 18, 2014

Joo Wan is my puppy, Kang sunbae please get lost

Shin Joo-yeon is an idiot.

I'm pretty sure that we're all head over heels in love with Joo Wan at this point in the story and we have been falling deeper and deeper in love with him for several episodes now. Unfortunately, his selfless acts of romance isn't working on Joo-yeon. For one reason or another, she's convinced she's in love with Kang sunbae (which is Wannie's fault, but was totally the right decision). Except, I don't think Joo-yeon knows her own heart enough to differentiate love from other strong emotions like admiration or attraction. I'm crossing my fingers that she snaps out of it soon because my heart is breaking for Wan. And, let's face it, Kang Tae-yoon is an ass.

Where Wan is selfless, Kang Tae-yoon is one of the most selfish characters I've ever come across in a drama. To the point where one has to ask whether he is indeed the second male lead and not the first. Truth be told, Wan's too-good-too-be-true character is very typical of second leads. In the same vein as Shin-woo hyung (You're Beautiful) and Kang Woo (Master's Sun), Joo Wan is always there for our main girl even if that means driving her to her date with another man. Or cooking her some hot soup only to allow her to give it to said man. Or the willingness to buy her flowers and rings and to tell her he loves her if that worthless man refuses to go a little extra way for her himself. Ugh. Joo Wan, be mine.

Tae-yoon, on the other hand, is cold and brusque and cares not one whit about Joo-yeon unless it's work related. He uses her to his advantage. He makes her stay in situations that are horribly uncomfortable for her because he's her boss and she has to be rational enough to leave her personal hurts behind and be professional like he is. He allows his past relationship with Oh Se-ryeong to hurt Joo-yeon when it would be so easy to expel her insecurity and fears with a single word. Typical first lead.

Dear drama overlords, please reassure me that Joo Wan is indeed the first lead and will sooner or later win the girl. Because, damnit, at this point, he really is starting to sound like the second lead (on paper, at least). And if Joo-yeon ends up with Kang sunbae, I'mma have to throw something. Preferably, something large and breakable.


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