Apr 30, 2014

Currently Watching: Witch's Romance, Angel Eyes, Global WGM, WGM

I rummaged through my drama folder to see what shows I was currently watching only to find out that this was it. I have 2 dramas and several variety shows. That's it. My, my, what a dry spell I have here.

I know I said I'd get a move on once God's Gift ended but I don't think I've made much progress. I've downloaded a handful of episodes of Three Days, Gapdong, Empress Ki, and Taiwanese dramas Just You and Fall In Love With Me. Have I seen any of them? Well, aside from the first half of Three Days' first episode? Nope. I have checked out the kissing scenes between Aaron Yan and Puff Guo from Just You on YouTube though. That's as far as I've gone with these dramas.

For the shows that I'm actually watching, and enjoying the hell out of, here's a short rundown.

1. Witch's Romance - We all know I'm a sucker for the noona romance, so it goes almost without saying that this drama is currently owning all my feels. I just love the whole dynamic of power play in noona romances. Here we have Uhm Jung-hwa's character as the bossy, go-get-it, career woman who knows what she wants and doesn't let anything get in her way. She's awesome and she knows it. Park Seo-joon's character, on the other hand, is the kind-hearted, younger man working his ass to the ground to make a living. The roles are totally reversed, and I love it.

They meet-(not-so)-cute and sparks fly - not exactly the positive kind of sparks at the beginning, but isn't that always the case? One thing leads to another, and as coincidence has it, they find themselves making out in bed. And don't we just love tvN's kisses? Mmmm-hmmmm... But then she finds out how old (or young) he is and kicks him off the bed (awwww). There's a 14-year age difference between the two of them and it doesn't sit well with her. But how much do we love that his reaction is the opposite. "What exactly is the problem?" he asks. "I'm 39 and you're 25!" she answers incredulously. But all he had to say to that was a confused "so?"

2. Angel Eyes - I told myself I wouldn't watch another melo, but Kang Ha-neul has a way of convincing me to do things I don't want to do. It's that damn smile. Too bad for me that he's only playing the young version of the lead male role and won't be around for the entire series, but that's good enough for me.

I tuned into the first 2 episodes without high expectations but Ha-neul's smile and adorable Busan accent killed me. Plus, his chemistry with Nam Ji-hyun was just moving. I didn't plan to stay for the long-haul, but the story's got me well and good so I might as well tune in to the next episodes. I was never a fan of Goo Hye-sun but here's to hoping she reels me back into the story and that she and Lee Sang-yoon are as swoon-worthy as their younger counterparts.

3. Global We Got Married - I was totally prepared to fall in love with SHINee's Key and his Japanese model wife Arisa. The fact that they both are fluent in Korean, Japanese, and English made for some awesome bonding. But I'm finding Arisa a tad too shy and Key a bit awkward. Perhaps it's because Arisa is really young, but they've been giving me the oppa-dongsaeng vibe rather than that of a dating couple.

Super Junior's Heechul and Taiwanese pop singer/actress Puff, on the other hand, are the exact opposite. Neither of them are fluent enough in each other's languages and therefore have the funniest conversations using broken Mandarin, Korean, and English, all spoken very loudly, and partnered with a barrage of hand gestures and body language. Yet, for some reason, I feel that there's more understanding between these two and skinship (and so much more) has come easier and earlier for them than any other couple in the history of We Got Married, global or otherwise. Kyaaaaaa!

4. We Got Married - I'm mostly watching the show for 2PM's Wooyoung and actress Park Se-young. These two are adorable together. They're still slightly awkward but things have been slowly progressing between them. Skinship has improved - he finally got to hold her hand! Haha. But, sadly, variety shows have been put on hold due to the tragic ferry incident. I totally understand why we don't have new episodes of our favorite shows, but I also do miss this couple and I hope they'll be back on air soon.

And... that's that. I'm still watching a couple of variety shows, but not religiously. Running Man will always be there, the last episode I caught was the one with the cast of Angel Eyes, so I'm still quite updated. I'm not sure when they resume filming for the show but I hear Sung Shi-kyung will be guesting? THAT EXCITES ME. I've also been watching random episodes of The Return of Superman and 1 Night 2 Days. But when it comes to dramas, I find myself tuning out most of the time. My attention span right now is soooo short that I tried watching the first episode of the Japanese drama Nodame Cantabile and turned it off midway in favor of watching random kpop videos on YouTube. Gah.

I'm crossing my fingers in hopes of getting out of this funk soon. A boatload of dramas are coming my way and there's a lot of them I want to watch. Hopefully I get my drama-watching ass back in shape by then.


  1. I'm totally the same, i'm hardly watching anything. The new k-drama season starts now/next week though so I can see the list getting pretty long pretty quickly. I'm going to start watching Witch's Romance at some point probably, although I haven't gotten around to it yet.

    WGM Global - I watched the first two eps, haven't seen the third yet, I wasn't going to watch it at all except Zhou Mi is in it, lol. I stopped watching the first season after 4 episodes and I can see that happening with this season too. I don't know why, it just doesn't grab me. We'll see after the third episode though. Heechul and Puff are pretty funny, I don't know why the producers decided to put two people together who didn't speak each other's language. I love listening to Key and Arisa speak, the combination of Japanese and English is awesome.

    WGM - funnily enough, those two are the only couple I'm not watching. When I got back from my holiday, my way of catching up on WGM was fast forwarding their scenes and just watching Jung Jung and then the new couple, so now that I'm all caught up I'm like "well, I've missed so much already, I'll just keep fast forwarding", lol

    1. I used to watch the Poca-Guri couple religiously, but they're currently boring me? Like, there's no progress in their relationship and I don't know if they like each other at all?

      The new couple, on the other hand, are cute and I do tune in sometimes. Namgoong Min is an adorable man and I can't believe he's 36 years old. He looks young!

    2. Yeah, you can't really tell if they even like each other as people at all, can you? They're people who would have nothing to do with each other in any other situation, except now they've been shoved together, and they're making the most of it. I still enjoy them though, for the most part.

      Nam Goong Min, i can't figure out if he's actually like that, or if he's acting. Like, to me, he is showing more flaws than anything else. He seems oddly possessive and there are things about her that he doesn't like and doesn't seem to want to put up with either. If he's like that in real life, I would never date him. I do find it funny that he always has a personal camera with him though.

  2. How about Secret Love Affair -- are you planning to watch it after next week when we find out the resolution of the affair? The lead actors are amazing, as is the directing, writing and cinematography, not to mention, the musical score, which is to die for.

    1. I really should. I've downloaded the first couple of episodes but I haven't actually willed myself to sit down and watch. Hopefully soon though! :)