Jun 13, 2014

Currently Watching: You're All Surrounded, Angel Eyes, Roommate, Burning the Beast

Admittedly, I have more dramas in my download folder that remain untouched. Despite that, all my free time is still mostly spent glued to my laptop screen. There truly can never be enough time to watch all the shows, sadly.

While Witch's Romance just ended (and oh my lordy did I love it to bits and pieces and I will probably re-watch it very soon - I need a Yoon Dong-ha of my own), I still have some more dramas on my currently watching list.

1. You're All Surrounded - I started watching a while ago but I had sort of let this fall to the side and only recently picked it up again. And then I ended up marathoning 5 episodes last weekend and fell deeply in love with each and every character - except maybe for Prosecutor Han, he's an asshole.

I just love how Eun Dae-gu's secret is out of the bag now. I love how Seo Pan-seok and Uh Soo-sun reacted to the reveal. I love how they both care so much for Dae-gu. But Dae-gu's a tough one. And I love being able to witness how the wall he's built around him is slowly being taken down one brick at a time by the people around him. I can't wait for him to allow Pan-seok in. That's an intense bromance waiting to happen.

2. Angel Eyes - This drama is about to end this weekend, I'm still on episode 11 though. I never thought I would be so in love with Goo Hye-sun and Lee Sang-yoon together but I am. I wasn't expecting this much chemistry between them and I am so loving it. They are perfect together. But this also means I am about this ready to get my claws on Vice President Oh and her machinations. I need my OTP happy, and they won't be happy once daddy's secret is out. Ugh.

Also, I love that the drama keeps giving us flashbacks to our OTP's youth, if only because it's the only way to get more of Kang Ha-neul on my screen. As I've already mentioned previously, he's the reason I started watching the show anyway.

3. Roommate - How much do I love these housemates? Let me count the ways:

  • Shin Sung-woo is perfection and I am truly befuddled by the fact that he never married. He would be the perfect husband. He cooks, he cleans, he's a sweetheart, and he's freaking hot. 
  • Lee Sora is such a beautiful person as well. It's telling by how much the younger girls in the house just adore her. 
  • Hong Soo-hyun is adorable and quirky and a breath of fresh air. 
  • Lee Dong-wook is adorably dorky and I'm pretty convinced he's got a major crush on Bom. 
  • Jo Se-ho is hilarious and sweet and his signature pajamas make me snicker. 
  • Park Bom is hilarious and aegyo-riffic. She was never my 2NE1 bias, but she's slowly climbing up that list. 
  • Park Min-woo and his dimples keep slaying me on a weekly basis. It doesn't help either that he seems to be such an awesome oppa to Ga-yeon.
  • I never really cared for Nana but this show has started to change my mind about her. I never thought she'd get along this well with Bom and I am pleasantly surprised to find out that those two are cut from the same cloth. 
  • Park Chanyeol has just completely obliterated my EXO bias list with his puppy dog ways. His relationship with Shin umma is beyond glorious.
  • Seo Kang-joon is either really dim or a total variety genius. He's hilarious! And, I'm also quite convinced, that he and Min-woo will be the couple to go on that overseas trip.
  • And last but not the list, adorable Song Ga-yeon. What a force to be reckoned with. She's strong and gorgeous. I love her.

4. Burning the Beast - For some reason (Okay, I know the reason... Because of Let's Eat, my officemates are now officially obsessed with Doojoon.), I have revisited my love for the group and have brought other people on the ride with me. My friend is watching it mostly for Doojoon, but I love me some Junhyung. Ever since Monstar happened, I forgot about my love for Kikwang and Doojoon and it's all about Junhyung now. 

These guys are idiots, by the way. And I mean that in the best sense of the word. I love them.

There are several more dramas on the way that I have my eyes on. One of them is the upcoming tvN noona romance High School King of Savvy starring Seo In-guk, Lee Hana, and Lee Soo-hyuk. Another is Jung Eun-ji's new series Trot Lovers

A bit further down the road is Discovery of Romance, the Eric Mun and Jung Yumi reunion vehicle that I absolutely can't wait for. I need it in my life so much. I've been a fan of the pairing since Que Sera Sera and this is a fantasy come true for me. The fact that they added Sung Joon to the cast is like cherry on top of an already spectacular sundae.

If the drama gods decide to throw in some more reunions, I wouldn't mind. They seem to be doing that a lot nowadays (i.e. Kwon Sang-woo and Choi Ji-woo for Temptation, Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara for Fated to Love You). Some Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun-hye, jebal and thanks.


  1. I've seen the first 3 eps of Beast Showtime, what episode are they up to now? I love it how Doojoon is the clear favourite member in Korea and they all know it and they're just like "Dude, it's Doojoon, whatever", lol. And poor Dongwoon is very much the least known or popular member. He should start doing variety or something,

    Angel Eyes - I didn't start watching it because it's a melo, and one of my friends in the beginning kept tweeting about how much it was breaking her heart, ha ha, so I was like "yeah no, I'll stay away from that one". I might wait til it's finished and read some reviews and then decide if I want to check it out. Sometimes I'm in a melo mood, which is how I ended up watching Secret last year.

    1. Burning the Beast is subbed up to episode 7 now. :D

      At least with Angel Eyes we get some sort of reprieve from all the drama via the side stories. Seungri's character is actually quite adorable and is definitely the comic relief in the story. There are also a lot of cute moments between the two leads and it's not overly heartbreaky at this point. But then again, I'm only halfway through it.

    2. I almost watched it for Seungri alone, lol, but then remembered that watching a drama for one person is never a good idea.

  2. I watched it for Lee Seung Gi oppa! Seungri rocks too!

    1. Haha. I can tell from your username you'd be a Seung-gi fan.