Jun 30, 2014

My Lists: 15 favorite k-pop songs of 2014 thus far

Once again, another 6 months have passed just like that and we're now entering the second half of 2014. How is time flying by so fast?!

The first half of 2014 saw the return of the king of k-pop Rain, as well as the debuts of two amazing rookie groups, Got7 and Akdong Musician. We've also been given the long-awaited full-length albums of 2NE1 and Taeyang (it was about damn time, honestly). And this past months also gave me my current addiction; a song by artists I never paid much attention to before, Soyou & Jung GiGo.

So just as I've done for the past year, I'm listing down my favorite songs released during the first half of this year, for the months of January to June 2014.

Rain - "La Song"

Got7 - "I Like You"

Gain (ft. Bumkey) - "FxxK U"

Soyou & Jung GiGo (ft. Lil Boi) - "Some"

Bangtan Boys - "Boy In Luv"

CN Blue - "Can't Stop"

Girls' Generation - "Mr. Mr."

2NE1 - "Come Back Home"

MBLAQ - "Be A Man"

A Pink - "Mr. Chu"

Akdong Musician - "Melted"

Exo - "Overdose"

Taeyang - "Eyes, Nose, Lips"

Beast - "Good Luck"

Taeyang - "1AM"

What are your favorites of the year so far?


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