Jul 31, 2014

CNBLUE Can't Stop Tour 2014

The guys are coming back to Manila and I need to be there!!! I caught their Blue Moon concert last year and had so much fun. Possibly one of the best concerts I've ever been to. Not only because they sounded flawless live, but also because of how much effort they had put into connecting with their fans. The endless banter they exchanged with the Filipino audience was endearing because they endeavored to speak not just in English but also in Tagalog. And even when they spoke in Korean, most of the fans could still understand.

One of my favorite moments from last year's concert was when bassist Jungshin noticed the audience responding even to their banter in Korean and so reverted to his native tongue to ask the audience a few things.
Jungshin: 재밌어요? [Are you having fun?]
Fans: 네! [Yes!]
Jungshin: 여러분 재밌어요? [Everybody, are you having fun?]
Fans: 네! [Yes!]
Jungshin: 한국말 알아요? [Do you understand Korean?]
Fans: 네! [Yes!]
Jungshin: 대박! [(Daebak) Awesome!]
Fans: /screaming/
Jungshin: 필리핀 대박! [The Philippines is awesome!]
Fans: /more screaming/
And who could even try to forget the entire conversation the 3 other guys had in full Tagalog as they conspired with the fans to surprise Yonghwa for his upcoming birthday? It was beyond fantastic.

It's not flawless Tagalog (or English), but still. They're the only foreign artist I've watched live who dared to speak this much Tagalog. Ever. Sandara Park totally does not count.

So, even though I'm not exactly rolling in cash right now (what with my upcoming trip to Seoul), I kind of really want to catch the boys in concert again. Especially now that my appreciation of them goes way beyond just Yonghwa and Jonghyun. Jungshin and Minhyuk have totally stolen my heart as well. And my love for their music is a given. Ugh. I'm such a fan right now.

The tickets are not exactly cheap, so I'm crossing my fingers for a miracle.

Because I'm in a CN Blue mood right now, here's a bunch of awesome live performances. Just because I can.


  1. Okay, that's so awesome that they spoke Tagalog!

    1. Right?! The effort was very much appreciated. The fans went wild. :)