Jul 18, 2014

Currently Watching: Fated to Love You, You're All Surrounded, Trot Lovers, Marriage Not Dating

It's been awhile since I've had this much shows on my plate... and I love it. SO. MUCH.

That's not to say that the currently airing shows are the best shows ever, but at least they're all managing to keep me glued to the screen and I've been pretty good with keeping up to date with most of them. Which means I'm watching at least two dramas a day, plus the occasional variety show. Which also means I'm driving myself crazy waiting for the next episode and I'm going through all the woes that's part and parcel of live watching k-dramas.

I shouldn't be complaining about lack of sleep and time though, because seriously, I've been begging the drama gods for good stories for the past months and my prayers have finally been answered.

1. Fated to Love You - I only saw the first episode of the original Taiwanese version years ago, so really, I can't compare. But so far, so good.

Although, admittedly, Jang Hyuk's over-the-top portrayal can get testy, it's the fact that he delivers the softer moments of Lee Gun with so much heart that has me invested in him. And I just really love Jang Nara. She always conveys so much with just a simple look or the nuances of facial expression or body gesture. It would've been too easy to dismiss Kim Mi-young as pathetic and weak, but Jang Nara has managed to portray her as having so much inner strength and heart that's hard to disregard. I love it, so far.

2. You're All Surrounded - This drama is almost coming to a close, and I'm enjoying the ride so very much. And as much as I love Go Ara and Cha Seung-won, I have to say that Lee Seung-gi is selling this drama for me. He has carried so much weight in the lead role and I'm glad he's delivering way beyond expectations. I never doubted his capability as a dramatic actor, The King 2 Hearts assured me of that, but I'm just happy that his progress as an actor has been continuous.

I'll be watching the final episode tonight, and though I know the turn of events will have me squirming in my seat (and plotting the bloody demise of certain drama villains), I'm also looking forward to seeing Puppy happy and at peace.

3. Trot Lovers - Jung Eun-ji. She's awesome. And adorable. And just such a delight to watch.

Admittedly, right now, I'm not yet completely sold on either male leads, but Jang Joon-hyun (Ji Hyun-woo) is slowly converting me. Yes, he's an immature, irrational hothead... But there's still so much time for the drama to turn that around. He doesn't deserve someone as nice as Choi Choon-hee, so I'm hoping the drama makes him work for it. Because when he isn't being an ass, he actually has so much chemistry with Choon-hee. And with Byul! Those two together; they just kill me. And to be honest, while on paper Geon-woo seems like the perfect guy, he just isn't enough for our girl. Choon-hee needs someone who is as passionate about music as she is, someone who's willing to fight for what they believe is right, someone as determined as her. And that's not Geon-woo.

4. Marriage Not Dating - Honestly, I first decided to watch this drama because of Yeon Woo-jin. And of course, Jinwoon is always adorable. But good god, Han Groo is such a revelation. This is the first time I've seen her in anything and I'm in love. She's just wonderful.

Also, I'm always so surprised by the way this drama is spinning gender roles in a way I'd never expect. Initially, when I read that it was about a man who didn't want to get married contracting it up with a girl who is desperate to get married just to throw off his matchmaking mother, I thought it was going to be yet another pathetic female stereotype. Well, color me surprised. Our heroine, Joo Jang-mi may be the romanticist who believes in happily ever after and does want to get married, but she is far from pathetic. Or weak. Or desperate. Instead, she's headstrong and vocal yet kindhearted and loyal. She is also awesome enough to question gender roles and call out injustice where she sees it. Even from her fake boyfriend's seemingly nice grandmother.

5. High School King of Savvy - I'm still not sure about the age gap between our leads, not because it's huge (because realistically speaking, it's only 10 years, and I've seen dramas with 14-20 years age differences) but because the guy is a child. He's not even legal yet. He's jailbait. So here's my dilemma... Jung Soo-young and Lee Min-suk are adorable together. So I do love the kisses and hugs, and everything that makes them a couple. But there will always be that niggling voice in the back of my head reminding me that he is a baby. And she is very much an adult.

Here's to hoping they use that 2-episode extension to introduce some kind of time jump just to make Min-suk legal enough for some sexy kisses. Mmmm...

6. We Got Married (Woo-young + Se-young, Jong-hyun + Yura) - I've finally dropped watching Namgoong Min and Hong Jin-young. Things were getting boring on their end. And reversely, things are starting to pick up with Woo-young and Se-young. They were totally adorable and awkward in the beginning and then right just when they were getting really close, Woo-young kept pulling back and things turned cold. But now they're back to insane skinship and cute bickering so I'm tuned in again.

But, hallelujah! More Hong Jong-hyun on my laptop screen! Gawd, I love that guy. Not only is he gorgeous, he's not a bad actor either. I just clearly have a thing for them male-model-turned-actor group. All of them. Kim Woo-bin, Lee Soo-hyuk, Sung Joon, Lee Jong-suk, Hong Jong-hyun. I love them. So to the person who decided to cast Jong-hyun, THANK YOU. He is beyond adorable. And surprisingly quiet. It's a good thing Yura is extra bubbly and super talkative. Jong-hyun paired up with someone just as introverted as he is would kill ratings. Haha.

Also, have I mentioned that I absolutely adore how Yura is not even trying to rein in the obvious fact that she's super pleased to be married to Jong-hyun, no matter how fake the marriage? That girl is literally kvelling before our very eyes. She's super into him, no acting required. I can't say he feels the same way, but he's certainly intrigued by her. But remember that time when Yura accidentally drove his RC car into the lake? And she persistently said she was sorry and when she was using a hairdryer to fix the toy, the way he looked at her... That killed me.

I have several more dramas to look forward to, with It's Okay, That's Love just around the corner and Discovery of Romance fast approaching. When will I ever find time to sleep again? But nope, not complaining. I love it when dramaland decides to bombard me with awesome shows. After a very long season of drought, I'm quite happy to be drowning in my drama downloads.


  1. I know how you feel, I'm watching 8 shows at the moment plus Running Man and Roommate. I had to give up on WGM so I haven't seen any of Jong Hyun's scenes, which is a pity. But i just got so far behind that I had to make a choice to not keep downloading the episodes when I wasn't actually getting around to watching them.

    Marriage Not Dating - I am freaking LOVING this show. I just finished watching episode 6 and I'm like "NOOOOOO, I don't want to wait til next week to see the next episode!" I felt the same about ep 10 of High School King as well. I'm totally on the same page as you when it comes to that couple. They're adorable together but he's only 17! I don't know why they didn't make him 18 (western years), which is what they usually do in these situations. At least then he'd be an adult, but in this, he's still a kid! I'm looking forward to the time jump.

    Regarding Trot Lovers, I am well and truly in love with Geon Woo and I really hope they don't turn him into crazy stalker second lead, which I'm worried they're going to. But i'm not on his ship. I love him but i don't want him with her; she and Joon Hyun are great together, they're so cute as friends.

    1. Marriage Not Dating, seriously. I totally wasn't expecting the level of awesome we've been consistently receiving. I haven't seen episode 6 yet so I can't wait to get home tonight and download it.

    2. I almost didn't watch it at all but i'm so glad I've picked it up. Although, whether we'll still be saying that in a few weeks, who knows, lol

    3. I'm totally crossing all my fingers that it stays awesome. Jeballl~

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