Nov 28, 2014


I can't believe this is happening. I seriously can't seem to wrap my mind around this new YG hip-hop project. Mind. Blown.

Many speculations were made regarding YG's second hip-hop project. When they first announced Bobby, no one was surprised. Literally, no one. Bobby's popularity blew up when he won Show Me The Money 3. Now, he's not just YG trainee and future iKON rapper Bobby. He's SMTM3's champion Bobby.

When I was in Seoul last month, I would hear his version of "연결고리 (YGGR)" at the most unexpected places. He's everywhere. So, it's to no one's surprise that YG is milking as much as he can from the most recent man of the hour (almost quite literally, too, as he was named one of Korea's Men of the Year by GQ Korea).

As for the other two guys on the project, people were offering random guesses, most of them so far off the mark. No one was prepared for this.

Combinations criss-crossed so many ways, some of which were plausible, others not so much (like some saying that YG would troll real hard by announcing himself as the final member- HAHA!). Some offered the very obvious - and therefore not real - Bobby-Mino-B.I. Some unrealistically wanted CL on the team. I personally wanted a Bobby-Mino-T.O.P collaboration. Alas, none of these are anywhere near the truth.

Although, I read someone say that because YG announced Bobby first, that clearly meant the last two on the roster were probably huge names. And, indeed, they are. It seems Masta Wu is coming out of hiatus and all it took was some Bobby. They've also managed to take Dok2 on board.

I really shouldn't be surprised about Dok2. Many people also thought he could be a possibility. But because most also thought that a YG project meant all-YG artists, the idea of having Dok2 in the team was a pipe-dream. However, this is not Dok2's first time collaborating with a YG artist, and Bobby was on Team Dok2 and The Quiett on SMTM3, so I have no real reason to be this taken aback. But I am.

For real, December 2nd can't come any sooner. With the announcement of all the rappers on Project 2, I am officially hyped. Not sure why, but I'm hoping half of the song is in English. Also, while I'm still loving GD x Taeyang's "Good Boy", I'm hoping this new track is nothing like that one. I want an actual hip-hop record and not another club banger. Knowing Masta Wu and Dok2, it will be. I'm so ready for a really good beat.

Who's excited? Gaaahhh. And as they would say, "Put your 1llionaire hand signs up. Sorijilleobwaaaa!"


  1. Yeah, this really surprised me. I knew Bobby would be in it but I seriously wasn't going to be surprised if YG did the totally obvious B.I/Mino pair as well. But Masta Wu and Dok2? Came from nowhere! Not in hindsight, lol, but it wasn't a trio I'd ever expected. I still haven't actually listened to the song because I keep forgetting about it, but I do like the idea of it.

    1. The song is actually really good. And Bobby kills it. Like, there's just something about his voice that makes songs 10 times more exciting. Like, Dok2's YGGR, I actually really like Bobby's version more. The added gruff to his voice is just awesome.

      So I'm guessing you haven't checked out 2014 MAMA yet? That opening with Bobby... And all the Mino appearances... And YG Family in general... Daebak.