Nov 7, 2014

Currently Watching: She's So Lovable, Liar Game, Mix & Match

I'm itching to get this entry out of the way because I need to get started on the finale of She's So Lovable. Also, lunch. I'm starving.

So without further ado, here are the shows that are still keeping me very busy.

1. She's So Lovable - Despite the ick factor of dating your dead sister's ex-boyfriend, I must say I'm loving this show. Krystal has definitely climbed some steps up my list of favorite idol-actors. Rain is effortlessly gorgeous. And L, though definitely the weakest link among the 3 leads, is still owning my heart. Shi-woo is such a wonderful character and I hope he survives this heartbreak and stay by Se-na's side, even as just a friend.

Although I love the show, it isn't perfect. It's far from it. There have been a lot of things that made me want to throw a rock at my screen, mainly how Hyun-wook kept his relationship with So-eun a secret for the longest time and would've actually gone all the way to Boston just to keep Se-na from finding out. That was such an ass move and I'm sort of glad Jae-young was just as big an asshole to out Hyun-wook's secret. Also, in the recent episode where Hyun-wook's father decides not to learn anything from fighting with Hyun-wook for the past 3 years and is trying to keep him away from the girl he loves. Like that's gonna keep the balance in your screwed up father-son relationship.

The finale aired last night and my download is almost complete. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to how they close the show.

2. Liar Game - Lee Sang-yoon is love. So much love. He was adorable in Angel Eyes but he's super hot in this one. Shin Sung-rok, too. And despite Nam Da-jung being my least favorite character in the drama, Kim So-eun is so pretty.

The show is intense and is getting more exciting as we move along the rounds of the game. I'm not proud enough to admit that there have been times when they talk so fast about strategy that I'm left not knowing what the hell just happened. So I have had to rewind a couple of times just to make sense of the subtitles.

Right now, I'm not loving how idealistically naive and dumb our lead girl is. Here's to hoping for some character development as the show progresses. We can already see how she's affecting Woo-jin, I only hope some of his smarts rub off on her too.

3. High School Love On - I'm one episode behind. But so far, still good. Woohyun is owning me, as usual. His heartbreak is my heartbreak and I just want to reach into the screen and give him a hug. Well, him and Sungyeol both. Those boys need a break, and each other. To hell with that woman who does not know the basics of being a mother. She's not being a good one to either of the boys when she'd throw Woohyun away so she can be a mom to Sungyeol. In what logic is that even remotely right?

I need to catch up on this before the new episode comes out this weekend. Since several of my shows are ending this week, I might have some time again.

4. Cantabile Tomorrow - Admittedly, I'm super behind on this show. I think I'm only midway through episode 2. So I have a lot of catching up to do. I'm hoping it gets better as it goes on. Right now, the only thing keeping me from giving up is Joo-won and his pretty hair. Oh, also Go Kyung-pyo. Sooo cute!

5. We Got Married - Jjongah couple will be the death of me. I'm really liking the slow progress between the two of them. They're not suddenly super lovey-dovey and Jong-hyun is still really awkward, but visibly less so than he was at the onset. Skinship has slowly been increasing and I love how easy Jong-hyun laughs these days. He's visibly more comfortable around Yura and he's starting to really come out of his shell. It's apparent not just during their dates but also during his interviews.

Jae-rim and So-eun on the other hand are, well, out of hand. Skinship on this end of the spectrum has been insane and Jae-rim is such a sly character. It's absolutely wonderful to watch. But then you also start to question the sincerity since they had only just met. There's no build up, no actual progress, because they started at 0 and sped right to 180 kph.

6. Mix & Match - Honestly, I shouldn't be surprised with the way YG delivered iKON's final lineup. He simply wanted to make people think it wasn't just a battle for 7th between the new guys. Which, admit it, made things a little more exciting. And I really can't complain. I voted for Chanwoo.

Sadly, I also voted for Hongseok. I think my friends were genuinely surprised that I didn't vote OT6 + newbie. I voted 2 old Team B members + Chanwoo + Hongseok. I sincerely feel like Hongseok was a victim of cruel editing, how they made him seem like someone who didn't work hard and like he didn't get along well with the original guys. Which, of course, was obviously not true based on the insane skinship he had with Bobby and Jinhwan in that adorable cuddle pile-up they had going on during OT9's sleepover. Also, he also seemed very close to Hanbin. I'm really hoping YG keeps him around.

Otherwise, I'm fine with the final members. I am such a Bobby fangirl. I absolutely love Junhoe's voice. And Chanwoo was a favorite from the start. Honestly, the best thing about Chanwoo being in iKON is the cuteness explosion between him and Bobby. Kid’s a potential hyungwhore.

Now, my only wish is for iKONTV to happen. Seriously. I need this to tide me over.

I still have several downloads of current dramas that I haven't started on. Maybe now that Lovable and Mix & Match are over, I'll have some time for them. On my back burner are Modern Farmer, Bad Guys, and Misaeng.


  1. Yeah, Hong Seok was mistreated by the editing, and you can see in the last episode that he's genuinely friends with the guys now. But they didn't show that in the previous episodes, and they made it seem like Han Bin didn't like him. That slumber party scene was so adorable! Like, at first it's Bobby and Jinhwan hugging and holding hands, and then Hong Seok is on top of them! So cute! And oh my god yes, Chan Woo the hyung whore, definitely!

    1. I need to download this final episode with subs now. And I'll probably re-watch it until YG decides to gift us with iKONTV or their official debut. Haha.