Apr 22, 2015

My high is Epik!

You have no idea how much I love Epik High. I do, I really do. Not only are they unbelievably talented, they're also gloriously hilarious. I was lucky enough that my city was added to the list of their stops during their ongoing Epik High Concert Parade and I could not let that opportunity pass me by. And I'm glad I didn't.

The Manila leg of the tour took place last Saturday night, April 18th, in SM North's Skydome. And we had such a blast, my friends and I. Tukutz was hilarious, Mithra was awesome, and Tablo was epic. Watching them perform live was a surreal moment for me. In all of my k-pop stanning life, I never thought it was possible to get to see them live. For one, they never used to tour extensively before. Also, k-pop is huge all over Asia but the Philippines has some catching up to do. My best bet, I thought, was to try to catch them in a nearby country. So imagine my surprise when they announced a Manila date.

Singing along to Korean music is not the easiest thing. Rapping along is a whole other feat. But Filipinos love to sing during concerts and we really did try our best. And believe you me, the crowd would erupt with excited singing whenever the English lyrics came along. So was it any wonder that the loudest singing/rapping happened when Tablo dished out his own version of Taeyang's "Eyes, Nose, Lips"? Every single person in the room was singing along, the whole way through.

After watching all these concerts and coming home with sucky fancams (photos and videos), I do realize I need to invest in a better camera. My Samsung phone can only provide so much. But, nonetheless, here are some photos and videos from the Epik night that was.


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