Apr 3, 2014

God's Gift continues to fascinate

So I went to find Hans Christian Andersen’s The Story of a Mother, the book from which the opening of God’s Gift - 14 Days' first episode was taken from. This is the same book that Dong-chan reads to Saet-byul in episode 10. Just like the little girl, I was curious about how the story ends.

The last bit of the story reads:
Then the mother wrung her hands, fell on her knees, and prayed to God, “Grant not my prayers, when they are contrary to Thy will, which at all times must be the best. Oh, hear them not;” and her head sank on her bosom. Then Death carried away her child to the unknown land.
I don’t know how much of God’s Gift is based on this book, but if it ends the same way the book does, I expect to be crying a river by the final episode.

P.S. Just like Saet-byul, I find myself falling in love with this ahjussi more and more every week. Just so that's clear.


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