Apr 8, 2013

A sort of introduction may be in order


For over 10 years, I've blogged endlessly on different platforms and on different subjects. I've been on blogger, and livejournal, and tumblr... I've blogged about pop culture, music, books, fashion, food, and random personal things. And for the past year or so, I've been incessantly blogging and reblogging about my Korean obsessions on tumblr (I sure have spent my time wisely, eh?) and I wanted a better platform to let my thoughts out. Et voila!

I started this blog to accompany me on my journey deeper into the wilderness that is known as the Korean wave. May it be k-pop, k-dramas, k-movies, k-variety, anything and everything my Hallyu-obsessed inner fangirl may want to write about, it's going on here. There's only so much a micro-blogging site can do for me (although I love tumblr to bits). But from here on out, all my "formal" Hallyu-related blog entries will be found here. Properly labled and easily archived -- a k-library, if you will.

Feel free to spazz and flail with me. Our k-journey has just begun.



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