Apr 22, 2013

My Lists: 10 favorite songs from a k-drama series

It's interesting how, in Seoul, every drama series calls for an original soundtrack. Living in a country where not even movies require original material for the soundtrack, and the immediate action would be to reuse old songs, I'm impressed by how the k-drama industry ties in quite nicely with the k-pop industry. It's the whole dynamic marketing of South Korea that makes Hallyu what it is today. Watching a drama, hearing their music, seeing Seoul on your screen - all this just makes you want to pack up your bags and move to Korea.

But I digress. Music, undoubtedly, plays a major role in any drama series. When done right, a highly rated drama can boost a k-pop artist's career, or sometimes launch the singing career of an actor. And there have been so many wonderful OSTs in the past decade with songs that just pull you back to that moment - a couple's first kiss, a tearful goodbye, a happy reunion - all so perfectly executed on your screen.

Now, allow me to just list down my top 10 most memorable songs, in no particular order, from the k-dramas that I've seen from the past years.

~ Sungkyunkwan Scandal - "찾았다 (Found You)" by JYJ

~ Que Sera Sera - "Moonrise" by W & Whale

~ I Miss You - "떨어진다 눈물이 (Tears Are Falling)" by Wax

~ Rooftop Prince - "한참 지나서 (After A Long Time)" by Baek Ji-young

~ IRIS - "Hallelujah" by T.O.P (ft. Taeyang and G-Dragon)

~ Dream High - "겨울아이 (Winter's Child)" by Suzy

~ Best Love - "두근두근 (Thump Thump)" by Sunny Hill

~ Secret Garden - "That Man" by Hyun Bin

~ You're Beautiful - "말도 없이 (Without Words)" by Park Shin-hye

~ You're Beautiful - "Promise" by A.N.Jell (Jang Geun-suk, Jung Yong-hwa, Lee Hong-ki, Park Shin-hye)

If only I could just put the entire You're Beautiful OST into this list, I would. But that would be highly biased and not that interesting. Honestly though, that series had such awesome music that a full-length A.N.Jell album would not be an unwelcome idea.


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