Apr 10, 2013

Current Addiction: You're The Best Lee Soon Shin

I've never stayed committed to a long-running family drama ever in my life, no matter my conviction in the early stages. Awhile back, I had sworn to watch Ojagkyo Brothers to the end but halfway through I ended up dropping the series in exchange for reading its recaps online, my love for Joo Won be damned.

About a month ago though, I had made a similar promise to stick to the new KBS family drama You're The Best Lee Soon Shin, which stars Jo Jung-suk (The King 2 Hearts, What's Up) and idol singer IU (Dream High) as the main couple. I'm a huge fan of Jo (who coincidentally starred alongside Joowon in the Korean production of Spring Awakening) and, to a lesser degree, IU. While IU's character in Dream High was one of my favorites, this is the first time I'm seeing her in a legit acting vehicle. Jo, on the other hand, had me floored in his portrayal of steadfast soldier and loyal best friend to Lee Seung-gi in The King 2 Hearts.

So far, we're only 10 episodes in (this drama is slated to have 50 episodes) and of which I've only seen the first 8, but I'm loving it. It's got genuine heart, cute budding romances, and awesome acting all around - what's not to like? IU is definitely exceeding expectations and has pulled many a tears from me and Jo is so perfect in his role of the arrogant but spazztastically dorky male lead.

I've actually never been this excited over a drama since School 2013, and just the feeling of being able to look forward to a couple of episodes every week is making me a happy camper. I hope this one sticks to me like glue, and here's to hoping I get to finish my first ever family drama. Hwaiting!

You're The Best Lee Soon Shin airs every Saturday and Sunday on KBS.


  1. I'm the same, I never watch long dramas, although the main reason was that i couldn't guarantee that they would be subbed quick enough. I was going to watch Vampire Idol but then it never got subbed and so I just gave up waiting for it. But luckily with Soon Shin, it's subbed at a regular rate so it's all good. I'm loving it, it's definitely my favourite currently airing drama. And considering it's 50 episodes (probably more, if it keeps rating so well), it's moving quite fast really. I'm already worried they're going to run out of material and it's going to start dragging, lol.

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment...

      Also, just out of curiosity, I looked at your blogger profile. And can I just say that I was like, "Oh look, she likes Clueless. And Robin Hood: Men in Tights! She likes musicals, awesome." And then you go and mention Julia Quinn (who is one of my favorite historical romance authors, alongside Johanna Lindsey)... I digress. Basically, what I'm saying is, you're awesome. Heh.

    2. Whoops, totally missed this reply! So basically, we're the same person, right? ha ha. I'm glad to meet someone with the same interests, it's rare to find someone who matches up the korean dramas and k-pop with Robin Hood and historical romances, lol

    3. Haha. Yep. Probably the same person. ;)