May 6, 2013

2PM returns with comeback single and music video, "Comeback When You Hear This Song"

To be honest, 2PM's comeback single is underwhelming, to say the least. The pre-comeback hype and the teasers were setting me up for something grand, and we get this... While it doesn't totally suck, the song is not my favorite thing. They've had so much better songs in the past.

Sure, it's catchy, but I'm just not feeling it. Maybe it's the out-of-place dance track underneath the solemn vocals that confuses me. There's absolutely nothing wrong with their vocals, but the song just doesn't highlight that. I mean, Nichkhun has improved so much from their last album, and if you listen closely, you'd hear that. But there's an audible disconnect between the melody of their voices and the driving pulse of the track that makes this sound like 2 different songs mashed-up together, and this jarring contrariness then results in distracting us from the vocals.

Also, this does not sound like a comeback single. This could very well be an okay filler track on a full-length album, but it is sorely lacking as the group's carrier comeback track.

There's also that huge disconnect between the song and the music video. Personally, I don't think they mesh well together - as opposed to, say, how perfectly tailor-made the "I'll Be Back" music video was to the song by sticking to the whole Terminator concept.

In this comeback, the concept is hard to find. From the chains and treasure chests of the comeback teasers, to the green smokey comeback photos, to this music video - I can't find any coherence. But maybe it's just me? Am I the only one confused by it all?

Thank goodness the boys look gorgeous in it because right now that's the only silver lining I can find in all this. Gorgeous, all of them. Maybe I need to give the song 10 more tries before I'd be able to fully appreciate it. If putting this on repeat changes my opinion, I shall let you know.

Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to their live performances of this song on music programs. Maybe it will sound much better then. And hopefully, succeeding singles will remind me of how awesome 2PM actually is. 2PM, fighting!


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