May 28, 2013

CL to release solo m/v today

YG Entertainment has been releasing still after still in promotion of CL's solo debut. While I'm a huge 2NE1 fan, I'm hesitant about CL going solo. (Note: Die-hard CL fans should probably stop reading at this point.)

Sure, CL might have what it takes to make a successful solo project. She raps, she dances, she sings - she's got crazy stage presence, to boot. She's not called fierce for nothing. But there's still that niggling feeling in the back of my head that's half-scared that they might treat this in the same way they treated G-Dragon's "One of a Kind" promotions (i.e. too much swag and overblown self-confidence). Which is not to say it doesn't work for YG artists as a whole, because if there's anything YG does better than the rest of them, surely it's swag. But where GD is an established solo artist and songwriter in his own right, CL is not.

So when I see GD strutting his shit like the mofo that he is, I believe it. I accept it. I like it. Whereas with CL, I'm always on the edge - not quite sure if she's being honest about who she is an artist, or simply wanting us to believe she's the baddest female this side of Korean hip-pop without sufficient credentials to back it up.

Now, if they tone down on the vainglory, that might make the whole ordeal less overbearing. In which case, I'd actually be looking forward to the project. CL may not be my favorite YG artist, but she sure does have her charm, especially when she's not trying to bulldoze me with her fierceness. Having said that, CL fighting!

ETA: The video just came out. And while it would probably take several listens for me to warm up to the song, I am quite liking the video. There's a lot to be said about the video but I, for one, am liking the choreography. And the styling. Although the concept is lost on me. It's a mishmash of several things we know CL likes. From futuristic Jeremy Scott fashion, to the 90's Aaliyah-inspired midriffs and baggy jeans, to sleek and elegant couture. It's Adidas and Balmain all rolled up into one bombastic video. Which can be kind of jarring placed side-by-side but somehow works because it's CL.

Anyway, here's the video.

Promotional stills:

Stills from the m/v


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