May 22, 2013

Halfway Report: You're The Best Lee Soon Shin

We're nearing the halfway mark of You're The Best Lee Soon Shin and I'm happy to report that I'm still stuck to it like superglue and I'm still pretty much invested in all the lead characters and their respective narrative arcs.

To be honest, because of my excitement over this show, I've found myself watching its episodes twice. First time will be in its raw form, without English subtitles - with me trying to keep up with what little knowledge I have of the Korean language. And a second time once the episodes have been properly subbed.

The relationships between the Lee sisters and their respective love interests have taken curious turns. Eldest sister Hye-shin, while still completely oblivious to Bread Man Jin-wook's interest, has at least come clean to the whole family about her divorce. That's a step forward. Now it's all up to the baker to get a hold of himself and man up to his attraction. That man needs to learn how to tamp down his nerves around her though. While his awkwardness makes for comedy gold, and we all love him for it, it will take more than that to win the lady over. And maybe buttering up to Woo-joo is not a bad idea.

Second sister Yoo-shin, who has been steadfast in her principles and beliefs since the beginning of the drama, has tried her hand at slight reinvention to gain the favor of Chan-woo's mom (chicken ahjumma) to no avail. While it's funny seeing the two stubborn ladies butt heads, I just really want more cute banter from the lovebirds. And maybe we can cut Yi-jung out of this particular arc altogether, no?

And, of course, with maknae Soon-shin finding out about the bet between Jun-ho and Yeon-ah, she's back in the good graces of her mom but Jun-ho is now being ignored. Which, on one hand, is sad after the adorable development of their relationship in episode 19. But if this pushes Jun-ho to realizing his attraction to Soon-shin, all the better. I mean, the boy is imagining her in places where she is not. He's flipping through his phone, staring at selcas she's previously sent him. He even goes as far as being a mildly creepy stalker peeping over walls and following her around that Young-hoon has him banned from the restaurant. Yet he denies his crush. 

Also, at this point in the drama, we're pretty much just waiting for shit to hit the fan regarding the birth secret. More people are finding out the truth, including grandma and Hye-shin. And it seems like bio-mom Song Mi-ryung is starting to come to terms with the fact that Soon-shin is her daughter, and this drives her to the brink of sanity extreme drunkenness a date with the emergency room. 

All this set-up makes me look forward to next week's episodes because, hot damn, they showed in the preview Mi-ryung asking for Soon-shin back. Like, woah. Out come mom's claws. After having to go through hell in order to accept the fact that her husband lied to her about Soon-shin's parentage, and letting go of her anger in order to properly love her daughter as she ought to, she sure as hell ain't letting her go. At least not without a fight.

Most of all, though, the main thing about the preview was this:

I am beyond happy that they’re back to putting in sneak peeks for episodes to come because Jun-ho’s newfound hotness excites me. Look at that hair! Bangs not flat against his forehead?! I love it. Is the new do a result of him realizing he's in luuurve? 

Looks like I will, indeed, be sticking around to watch this show till the end. A couple times over, too.


  1. Oh god yes, get rid of YiJung! She's so annoying, and I feel like she's not going to get any kind of redemption arc either. She's just going to be an annoying brat the rest of the show!

    It did make me laugh when Breadman came across Junho peeping into the house, and then Soon Shin pretending she didn't know him. JunHo and Breadman together is like Dork Squared.

    And I think Hye Shin likes Breadman's awkwardness. She finds him amusing, and she knows he's a nice guy. He can just keep acting the way he is, and he'll still get the girl.

    You know what though? I really hate Mi Ryung. I don't like the actress, and I don't like the character, so there's just nothing for me to grab onto with her. Yay for Soon Shin's adoptive Mum becoming Nice Mum again; I was sooooooo over her being a bitch. Poor Soon Shin didn't deserve any of it.

    1. I haven't seen the actress playing the role of Mi-ryung in any other drama aside from this one, so I really can't say. So far, I'm liking her. And I find her very pretty. The character though, I can freely say she's one of the most self-centered people in k-dramaland ever. Character growth needed for Soon-shin and Mi-ryung should be on an opposite and equal trajectory. Where Mi-ryung's ego needs a good beating, Soon-shin's needs some stroking.